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Morganelli Hires Political Firm Ahead of AG Run

John-Morganelli-loresJohn Morganelli is widely expected to run for Attorney General in 2016.

The reason why is because he keeps telling everyone he’s preparing to run. In August, he said he was exploring a campaign. Then last month, he created a Political Action Committee. Now, he’s hiring a political firm.

Morganelli announced today he’s signed Rowley/Fletcher for a potential 2016 campaign for Attorney General.

“Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli has moved another step toward a bid for AG in 2016,” he stated. “Morganelli has retained John Rowley of Rowley/Fletcher for his anticipated 2016 AG Campaign. Rowley/Fletcher is a nationally recognized Democratic  political consulting firm in Nashville, Tennessee. They will be charged with the development and production of the campaign’s media campaign.”

The Morganelli team provided a list of campaign services the firm will provide:

  • Team-building (staff & consultants)
  • Message development
  • Concept, writing and production of TV, radio and digital ads
  • Targeted media buying research and placement
  • Tracking of opposition media buys
  • Rapid response: TV, radio, digital and earned media
  • Online & social media strategy
  • Earned media/public relations strategy
  • Editorial board preparation
  • Debate preparation
  • Campaign budgets, plans and timelines
  • Analysis of polls, focus groups and other research
  • Voter targeting
  • Strengths/weaknesses analysis
  • Logo & branding design
  • Crisis management
  • Online videos for announcements, biography and rapid response
  • Media training for candidates and staff

Democratic prosecutor Jack Stollsteimer is also running and Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro is expected to jump into the race as well. On the Republican side, State Sen. John Rafferty and State Rep. Todd Stephens are competing for the nomination. It’s unclear what incumbent Kathleen Kane will do.

13 Responses

  1. This DA is famous for approving prosecutions with absolutely no credible evidence to support a conviction. There are on average 4,000 criminal dockets that flow through his office annually. Of those 4,000, most defendants are innocent, but when they attempt to exercise a right to jury trial they are swiftly shuffled into an ARD program, along with about 80% of the other defendants. That seems like a great deal, b/c they have a full expungement in 6 months. But what these poor saps are never told, is that the ARD program costs about $2,000.00. So what happens is that the court lists get jam packed with debtors prison b/c the defendant could not pay.

    The other 19% get a plea deal, leaving about one criminal trial a month. It seems like he is more concerned getting into the pockets of innocent people to benefit revenue for his corrupt judicial and prosecutorial system than anything else. And Pre trial services is so urine drug screen happy, that most people in the ARD program have to submit weekly. Do not drink out of the water fountains in Pre Trial Services.

  2. DA Morganelli is very well known to be a politician first, and a prosecutor last. His dockets are riddled thick with petty crimes from law abiding citizens, while he fails (intentionally or not) to have any care in the world about the crime infested city of Easton in which he works and rules. He spends most of his days covering up crimes committed by friends and cohorts, and despicably conducts witch hunts in the name of grand jury investigations to attain personal and political revenge on his adversaries.

    If anyone thinks Mrs. Kane abused her office, look out. She will look like snow white if Morganelli gets in. Corruption in the Northampton County DA office, and the courts occurs daily without boundaries, checks or balances, and most of his Asst DAs are running out the door faster than a drive through Shammy Shine. In fact, the entire scope of courts and justice in Northampton County are so riddled with corruption, bribes, payoffs and scandals, that I am amazed the Feds do not send a bus to make mass arrests. That county and its DA, judges and court officers are a disgusting political cesspool.

  3. The Democratic State Committee and the Philadelphia Democratic Committee should boycott Morganelli and his friends from Northampton County. Bob has it right. Not one vote for Morganelli from Philadelphia! There are a large number of us that will make sure the committee members remember what Morganelli did. Plus, I have heard that he actually writes letters to people and demands a specific sum to be contributed to his campaign. How can anyone local say no to the DA? Guess he knows how to use his influence.

  4. I consider John Morganelli to be one of the very few elected officials in this state who actually honors his oath of office and existing law. From the comments posted above, this is obviously a negative among the politicos.

  5. Alice Dubow a great Philly judge! Ha ha! Are you kidding me Bob? She is horrible and has no business on the Superior Court. She is clueless and will need to be put in her place quickly. The only reason she won was because of the liberal Philly vote. Take this away and she loses in a landslide. Pathetic!

  6. Morganelli is a loser of epic proportions. He would finish fifth in a four person race. I echo what Bob said regarding the Superior Court race. Morganelli is dead to me.

  7. Both John Rafferty and Todd Stephens are backed by the Gleason Asher state committee and their crony network of consultants, Ray Zaborney/Red Maverick, Long & Nyquist, Charli “GId” Gerow/Quantum Communications, Hallowell & Branstetter, John Brabender and so on. They are Losers as the 2012 statewide and the 2015 Appellate court elections proved.

    Gleason Asher are losers and so are all statewide Republican candidates as long as they are in control.

  8. The Philadelphia Democratic Committee and the State Domocratic Committee should refuse to support Morganelli and any other candidate from Northampton County. Morganelli is the weasel who ruined the chances of a great trial judge, Frederica Massiah-Jackson, from reaching the federal bench. He went public with complaints about her and ruined her changes of confirmation, just when it was important to add diversity to the federal bench. Then, just this past election cycle, Morganelli’s buddies from Northampton County, all of whom have benefited from the Democratic Party, like Boscola, Panto and Freedberg, endorsed Giordano over another great Philadelphia judge, Alice Beck Dubow, for the Superior Court. Northampton County should be boycotted by Philadelphia and the state committee.

  9. I like how he’s sort of talking in third person:

    Morganelli announced today he’s signed Rowley/Fletcher for a potential 2016 campaign for Attorney General.

    “Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli has moved another step toward a bid for AG in 2016,” he stated. “Morganelli has retained John Rowley…”

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