PA-2: SEIU Endorses Fattah’s Re-Election Effort

Chaka FattahCongressman Chaka Fattah still has some powerful friends.

Rep. Fattah won the endorsement of the Service Employees International Union this week.

The union includes health-care workers, janitors, security guards, and other service employees and has 20,000 members in Philadelphia and 80,000 across the state.

The support comes at a much needed time, Congressman Fattah has reported only having $7,673 cash on hand with debts still owed to his lawyers for representing Fattah in his federal racketeering case which he is still due to start six days after the primary election.

While Fattah is having money and legal trouble, his opponent State Rep. Dwight Evans has $303,012 cash on hand and is the current frontrunner according to a recent PPP poll.

But none of this troubles Fattah.

“It’s not so much a bank account that’s going to matter,” Fattah said. “It’s going to be the account of the work that’s been done.Above the noise, they’ll actually know about this work.”

“We know that when we’re in a fight, often with some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in in the country, whether they’re an airline or sometimes a city government, whether they’re a major landowner or corporation, Congressman Fattah has stood with us,” said Gabe Morgan, President of SEIU’s State Council.

In addition to Fattah and Evans, Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon and Ninth Ward Leader Dan Muroff are also running in the Democratic primary.

The 2nd Congressional District consists of parts of Northwest Philadelphia as well as Southwestern Montgomery County.

10 Responses

  1. Do you need any more proof that big labor is just a more corrupt wing on the Democratic party?

  2. wing — Seth Williams is also being investigated for using campaign funds on illegal personal expenses. It is rumored that Bob Levant has helped him with that investigation.

    The same Bob Levant is one of Fina’s lawyers in his $$$-driven suit against the AG’s office.

    And now Seth Williams has created a new, high-paid position called “Chief of Staff” and “General Counsel.” And it just so happens that the person he hired is Bob Levant’s wife – Kathy Martin.

    Was she interviewed by the Office’s Hiring Committee? She has zero general counsel experience and just about no prosecutorial experience. Is it just a coincidence that she is Levant’s wife? Hard to fathom a coincidence that big. This “Chief of Staff” has a vested interest in making sure Fina (her husband’s client) does not get held accountable for his illegal conduct. She has a vested interest in making the AG’s Office (Kane) look bad. It will help her financially.

    And don’t forget that it was Fina that negotiated with Levant to make sure Levants other client – Tyron Ali – was not held accountable for stealing $400,000.00 from PA taxpayers. Fina dropped all the charges against Ali and let Ali keep all the money he stole. Fina and Levant did that deal in the 11th hour – right before Kane was set to take over. Why the rush?

    Something is rotten in the Philly DA’s Office.

  3. it’s rather strange that SEIU top brass doesn’t seem to care that CF is accused of fraud , racketeering and spending $$$ of campaign funds on illegal personal expenses. CF is desperately short of cash to pay defense counsel for his fast approaching criminal trial — which expenses are of course an ‘allowable ‘campaign expense.’ why not just pay SEIU lawyers to defend him?

  4. “When you fish only in black pools, you tend to only catch black fish.”

    Ask Philadelphia ADA Frank Fina. He called his sting investigation the “Black Caucus” investigation. Only Blacks got arrested. When it came time to arrest people for the Salvation Army collapse, Fina gave the white guys immunity and went after the Black guys.

    And, then there is the e-mail we now know he sent to his white male buddies:

    How friggin’ racist is Frank Fina? Only Seth Williams seems to have trouble figuring out the answer …

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