PA-9: Halvorson Takes Aim at Shuster “Dynasty”

Art Halvorson isn’t wasting any time, he’s going there.

In a new sixty-second spot, titled “Dynasty”, Halvorson draws a parallel between Congressman Bill Shuster and his father/predecessor Bud.

“Fifteen years ago, Congressman Bud Shuster was found guilty of ‘serious official misconduct’,” the narrator begins. “He took family trips to Puerto Rico that were paid for by lobbyists. And he spent $300,000 on dinners with his favorite lobbyist. After he resigned, party leaders rigged the installation of his son, Bill Shuster, as our congressman. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

“Bill Shuster collected $100,000 in campaign contributions for airline corporations, while he dated their lobbyist,” the narrator continues. “Then he muscled legislation through congress imposing a new airline tax on us, while letting his corporate friends ride free. Bill Shuster’s record in Congress doesn’t match our values, because he serves the special interests giving his campaign millions. On Nov. 8, vote for Art Halvorson, and put Washington to work for us, for a change.”

This commercial is set to air on Comcast systems in Altoona, Chambersburg, Indiana, and Uniontown which make up about 70% of the district.

Halvorson ran against Shuster in the GOP primary this year (and in 2014) but came up just short. He did, however, win the Democratic primary through write-in votes. As a result, their third showdown is set for November 8th.

The 9th Congressional District consists of all or parts of Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

17 Responses

  1. Slick Willie’s coffers are bulging and overflowing thanks to PA-9’s ever loyal taxpayers. Isn’t that nice?

  2. Could not have said that last post better myself. Seriously, these people need to get their heads surgically removed from Shuster’s (_)_)!

  3. I’m sure Elmer and Bill Shuster greatly appreciate all of the support shown here. Therefore, they and their family can continue to live like royalty. All of the hardworking 9th District taxpayers will keep them thriving and laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile, a grandchild is patiently waiting in the wings.

  4. You know how I know Art’s campaign is broke? He can’t afford to PAY attention that the voters have already rejected him twice!!!

  5. Art’s campaign so poor his fundraising emails read “hello I am a Nigerian prince…”

  6. Feel sorry for this Congressional District. Their only two choices are a Tea Bagger running as a Democrat and a Republican who for all his years in Washington has been a party animal and a moral pig. Most of those years when he was still married before he divorced his wife for an airline lobbyist.

  7. Halvorson is far from a Democrat he is an extreme Tea Party candidate go to his website and check it out for yourself. Please write in the REAL Democrat Adam Sedlock.

  8. It’s like Art only had enough money for 45 seconds worth of ad and just used powerpoint to finish the rest

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