PA-9: Shuster Announces Bid for Re-Election

bill_shusterOne of the more embattled PA Congressmen has formally launched his re-election campaign.

Bill Shuster announced today that he will be seeking an 8th term in office, representing Pennsylvania’s 9th congressional district, which covers parts of Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

“I am proud to represent Central and Southwestern Pennsylvania in Congress, and I am seeking reelection to continue implementing a conservative agenda that cuts spending and reduces the size of government,” said Congressman Shuster.

Shuster, who has chaired the House Transportation Committee since 2013, has been criticized in the past for his relationship with a top airline lobbyist.

The Congressman will once again be facing primary challenger Art Harveston, who ran against him last time. His other 2014 challenger, Travis Schooley, has yet to announce his intentions.

Previously, it was thought that 2012 GOP Senate nominee Tom Smith would challenge Shuster, but he dropped out for health reasons. Harveston has since dedicated his campaign to Smith, who passed away last October.

The PA-9 is an R+14 seat, meaning whoever wins the primary will ultimately win the seat. In 2014, Shuster won the primary with 53% of the vote, and the general election with 63% of the vote over Democrat Alanna Hartzok.

The seat has been represented by a Shuster since 1973, when Bill’s father Bud, also a former Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, first won election.

10 Responses

  1. Anyone backing Obamatrade/TPP will not get my vote.It is a sure way to disolve our sovereignty and transform us into the North American Union.A true conservative would not vote for passage of TPP.

  2. Shuster is a same-old, same-old get-alonger. The deficit at $20 trillion is in no small way his responsibility. Plus, he’s a bully. He talks conservative, but votes special interest.

  3. Shuster’s voting record is NOT conservative. Heritage and most others only grade him at about 60%. And Rhonda is right, he’s also a very sleazy man. I once saw him and some friends slobbering drunk at a pub in Bedford. When the waitress walked by, he slapped her on the behind and invited her to come up to his hotel room (and this was years ago before he got divorced). When she turned him down, him and his buddies got up and left without paying the bill.

  4. At some point can we please focus on the candidates voting record and not who an unmarried congressman chooses to date? Who cares. If Shuster keeps a conservative voting record, I’ll keep voting for him.

  5. Nothing more than a sweaty womanizer. Seen him in action at a bar in Pittsburgh before. Was sickening!

  6. 43 years with the same family representing this Congressional dukedom (ahem, I mean district). Hereditary politician to the nth degree, which is a travesty of democracy. But it is so prevalent in this nation, and even more insidious in PA. It is a disservice to good govt and should be avoided by any family with integrity.

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