PA-Sen: Toomey Hits McGinty For Not Agreeing to More Debates

The debate on debates appears to be over.

In August, Democratic nominee for Senate Katie McGinty challenged Republican incumbent Senator Pat Toomey to two TV debates. Toomey responded that he wanted to have additional forums in cities outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Eventually, the Senator would propose four debates, the two in Philly and Pittsburgh that he agreed to plus one in Harrisburg and one at Bucknell University. McGinty rejected that offer.

“It looks like Katie McGinty will get her way, and there will only be two debates instead of four,” said Toomey for Senate spokesman Ted Kwong. “We understand why she prefers to hide her record of supporting massive middle-class tax increases and dangerous sanctuary cities from voters, but it’s a real disservice to the people of Pennsylvania.”

The debates will occur at KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh on October 17th and WPVI-TV in Philadelphia on October 24th.

11 Responses

  1. Goodbye Toomey, goodbye GOP Senate dominance, goodbye House GOP dominance. Hello actually getting congress to actually DO SOMETHING! Hello president Clinton II. Happy days are here again.

  2. This looks so bad for Toomey to anyone who knows anything about politics. It’s also such inside baseball, I can’t imagine it will actually make any difference with voters who haven’t made up their minds.

  3. Toomey campaign knows they are losing this election. Asking for two more debates confirms that Toomey’s own polling shows he is losing. If Toomey where winning you wouldn’t be able to find Toomey much less debate him.. Toomey 5+ years of pandering to Wall Stree Banks like Wells Fargo and Special Interests like the Koch Brothers is finally catching up to him. The people that Toomey ignored and never helped in 5+ years in the Senate, Veterans ,College Students,Seniors,and The Working Middle Class are going to vote him out of office on November 8..

  4. Toomey has refused to face-up to his constitutional duty to advise & consent to President Obama’s nomination of Judge Garland.

  5. Whether 2 debates or 4 debates-Toomey is a loser. His pathetic support for Mitch McConnell- his playing the republican establishment shell game- make it all the more reason to say out loud- better Shady Katie who stands for something rather than Gloomy Toomey who stands for little.

  6. Toomey is a pathetic do-nothing loser. He obstructed the Presodent for almost 6 years and now wants to be rewarded for it. Shame on him.

    Women voters will make sure he does not get a 2nd term.

  7. How many debates did Toomey have with Sestak in 2010? Oh.. right… TWO !

    I don’t recall Toomey (who was leading in the polls then) whining this much about wanting more debates.

    But, this is the clearest evidence that he and his campaign believe he is behind. No front-runner in the history of politics has demanded additional debates.

    If the presidential candidates need only 3 debates, I think PA can get by with 2 debates for a senate race.

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