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PA-Sen: Toomey Hits McGinty in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

Pat Toomey may be trying to distance himself from Donald Trump but he hasn’t shied away from the issue Trump used to become the Republican nominee.

In fact, Toomey has sought to make illegal immigration a major part of this campaign. Since the Keystone State is not exactly near the border (well the Southern one anyway), the Senator has focused on sanctuary cities, specifically Philadelphia’s status as one.

Toomey’s latest TV ad, titled “Work Hard”, again touches on these themes.

The first ten seconds praise Toomey, citing his opposition to TARP in September 2008 as the President of the Club for Growth.

The commercial then turns to McGinty.

“Katie McGinty’s liberal agenda?,” the narrator states. “Higher taxes on every Pennsylvanian, fewer natural gas jobs, citizenship for illegal immigrants, making them eligible for welfare. You work hard for a living. Katie McGinty would make it harder.”

The first two claims relate to proposals from Governor Wolf when McGinty was his Chief of Staff. The latter two to her support for the 2013 Gang of Eight immigration reform bill that passed the U.S. Senate but stalled in the House.

“Senator Toomey has a strong record of reaching across the aisle to create more quality jobs for Pennsylvania’s middle-class families and putting the taxpayers first,” said Toomey for Senate spokesman Ted Kwong added in a statement accompanying the thirty-second spot. “Katie McGinty’s record couldn’t be more different — her extreme liberal agenda would slam the middle class with higher taxes and fewer jobs, and even give citizenship to illegal immigrants, making them eligible for taxpayer-funded welfare benefits.”

13 Responses

  1. Toomey is the senator who fights for US. McGinty hits Toomey for his money, take a good look at Mcginty’s hubby in the most recent days. Look at his new upper hand when it comes to business. She’s for herself not us.

  2. What jobs did Toomey ever create outside of the now defunct bar/restaurant in Allentown that he allegedly ran with his brothers? What bailout did he oppose? He’s one of Wall Street’s biggest advocates. Keep in mind he worked there as well as Hong Kong.

  3. This is the same old line the Republicans have been doing for years that is just TIRED TIRED TIRED. The top 1% need to go back to the same tax rates Dwight D. Eisenhower was charging them, then that money needs to be invested in rebuilding our country to greatness again. Reagan is dead and trickle down didn’t not work. It’s a dead horse, stop beating it.

  4. I have to say this is another brilliant ad from Team Toomey. This race is all over but the shouting.

  5. I concur with soccer mom and YES! McGinty has no prayer when people know about her liberal record. Pat Toomey works hard for us, McGinty works for herself.

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