PA-Sen: Toomey, McGinty Get in Heated Battle over Police (AUDIO)

The animosity between GOP Sen. Pat Toomey and Democratic nominee Katie McGinty continues to grow.

The incumbent has been among the most vocal supporters of police over the past few years and has emphasized this point in campaign ads.

So it wasn’t surprising that Toomey talked about the issue on Dom Giordano’s radio program, especially after the host mentioned a recent Roll Call article on the subject.

“I’ve been an outspoken supporter of law enforcement ever since what some have described as the ‘Ferguson effect’. Or others have pointed to this ridiculous narrative that the left has propagated that somehow the police are the problem, when in fact the police are the solution. They keep us safe from criminals and I was very offended when this whole narrative took hold a couple years ago.”  

Giordano speculated that Toomey “makes it kind of difficult, on the other side, for your opponent because she wants to posture, I think, coming from a cop’s family but I don’t think she wants to say too much about it because she’s scared to death of outfits like Black Lives Matter and others”.

The Senator both ignored wording of the question while agreeing with the host’s premise (this is a common move for all politicians when dealing with liberal or conservative media figures who tend to use blunter language).

“Well I think there’s all the evidence in the world that she’s done nothing to demonstrate any willingness to separate herself from the most liberal, most radical elements in her party,” Toomey stated. “And of course those folks are hostile to law enforcement. I haven’t heard Katie McGinty say anything in defense of the men and women who wear the blue uniform and keep us safe. You know, shame on her.”

McGinty actually did mention the fact that her father was a Philadelphia police officer in her announcement video.

Her campaign also came back hard against Sen. Toomey.

“Pat Toomey should stop playing politics with police families–like the McGinty family,” McGinty Campaign Spokesman Josh Levitt responded. “Katie’s dad walked the beat for 25 years and the McGinty kids honor their dad’s service, as well as the sacrifice of all police, firefighting and safety public servants. Pat Toomey should honor them, too, and not disrespect them with trash politics.”

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  5. Did Fina actually put anyone in jail? Ever?

    Because, since he has been a D.A. in Philadelphia – all he has done is ruin the career of his boss, cause a mutiny in the Office, bring in his lawyer’s wife as 2nd in command, and go after Blacks in a ridiculous steaming-pile-of-dung sting case.

    Not one of the “sting case” defendants went to jail. The last one is even getting her record expunged so it will appear as if the arrest never happened. Everyone knows why too. The case was a PRESS PLAY. They never could bring it to Court — so they gave away the farm in “deals.”

    The problem is – a REAL CRIMINAL was allowed to go scot-free. His name is Tyron Ali. And he is a con-man that stole over $400,000.00 from PA taxpayers. Frank Fina dropped all the charges pending against Ali (over 200 of them). Fina also let Ali keep the $400,000.00 he stole.

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  7. Funny thing about Toomey is that he’s been touting how he ‘saved’ Southeastern PA refineries, yet not a single person who was involved in putting the deals together to get them sold or get partnerships in place to keep them running can remember Toomey being at any of the meetings that mattered.

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  10. Toomey is all for the police and order in our society. Gee, what an original theme! What he implies is that Katie is not and therefore electing her would put the Black lives matter issue in front of supporting the police. What he does is to inflame white people to ignore black victims.

    Thus, his support of police is in front of his campaign as if it is them or; the black lives matter in contention as the issue that should elect him to another term. Trite garbage instead of a serious discussion on the need for even handed laws that victimize both black and white ordinaries.

    The problem is that his election is another race bating attempt to stir the worst elements in people instead of a campaign based on what we really need from a US Senator.

    What we need are programs to put those willing to work to work, see to it that we end the drug wars that put so many (but more blacks) in prison and give them records that make them getting good private jobs almost impossible and at very low wages if they do.

    But Mr. Toomey is playing the politics of racism instead of competence. And since it has worked so often he is counting on police support to bury his incompetent performance in the Senate. The question for us all is what happens to our society if we again go back to this racial politics of separation instead of a political campaign based on the needs we all have for progress and jobs.

  11. Toomey’s police commercials have to be really looked at. During the primary Toomey ran an add from a Veterans group. That add was paid for by the Koch Brothers. Under press scrutiny no such Veterans group existed.

  12. Toomey cannot run on his record as a Senator. He has to change the dialogue. His record shows he is a poster boy for special interests and a nightmare for ordinary Americans, As far as supporting law enforcement Toomey recently voted against funding for funding of a high profile concerted national strike team that would concentrate on high opiate trafficking areas of the country. The bill passed with bipartisan support but not because of Pat Toomey. Toomey has to run on lies backed by Koch Brother money. Again he has to run from his record. What would you expect from a man who worked exclusively for three years as a Derivative trader for a Chinese billionaire . Don’t be fooled by Pat Toomy’s special interest paid commercials he is bought and paid for by special interests and they will do whatever it takes to keep Toomey in office.

  13. “…has lead to more blacks people getting killed”

    Pepper is ignorant. And so many other things. Sounds like a Republican.

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  16. It would not be surprising to see Toomey defending the actions of the recently indicted Officer Raja in Florida!! Prepostrous

  17. HaHaHa aka Brett Cott

    This story is about you. You made the papers when you were arrested.

    HARRISBURG –Bonusgate defendent Brett Cott received a sentence of 21 to 60 months on three charges this morning.
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    I can get the rest of the story plus your picture that was in the paper since it’s all public knowledge.

  18. “more blacks people getting killed.”




  19. Can’t have it both ways Katie. BLM is a sham organization that has done nothing but spread a false narative that has lead to more blacks people getting killed.

  20. Why must one be biased in favor of police to be a political leader? Why not just be neutral? You know, care more about JUSTICE than arrest quotas and jailing more than any nation on earth EVER, except Russia or Nazi Germany. We even locked up huge populations in WWII, for nothing but our fear.
    Those who distrust police often have a credible basis for doing so. Police are supposed to protect us from everybody, not just “them”. Too often they fail to protect persons from other police.

  21. McGinty’s father was a police officer. Pat Toomey’s was probably a garden-gnome like him. Toomey is pandering. He is desperate. And he is going to lose.

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