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Reader Poll: Burn Should Stay as Dem Chair

jim-burn1PA Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn seems to have more support among our poll respondents than the party rank-in-file.

Last week, we learned Burn was talking to party leaders about stepping down sometime this year.

It’s not much of a surprise considering that ever since his split with Gov. Wolf last year, a certain segment of the party has wanted Burn gone, especially before next year’s convention.

Nevertheless, 1,470 respondents feel Burn should not resign.

Just 528 readers want the Chairman to step aside.

The full results are included below:

Should Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn resign?

  • No (74%)
  • Yes (26%)

Total Voters: 1,998

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9 Responses

  1. More Drama Drama Drama! The real question is how successful will the Democratic party be at defeating other Democrats especially the ones that dont toe the line of the old party bosses???????????

  2. Doesn’t matter who the chair is 2016 our Governor. Governor Wolf will in fact Chair the delegation for the Democratic National Convention. As he Should!!! So no, it’s not a game to take over the convention.
    Let’s hope Democrats stop attacking Our Governor!!! Let’s hope the games stop and we “Democrats” get back to fighting Republican’s. “Let it go!!” Please stop attacking our Governor.

  3. @ Lee the governor does not run the State Party, elected State Committee members do. The members unanimously voted for the current Chairman for a term of 4 years PERIOD. The governor should be working on issues of the state government instead worrying about the State Committee. So lets say people want the Governor to step down because they do not like him. It’s the same thing here why can’t people understand this. Maybe the Governor and his cronies what to take over the 2016 National Convention in Philly?

  4. Why keep this Burn story going? It has become right or wrong an issue that has to go away. Governor Wolf by his actions will not work with State Committee until Burn resigns. This should have been resolved last year. I know Jim Burn and Governor Wolf personally I do not know what the issues are between them but for the success of the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania they have to be resolved. The easiest way is for Chairman Burn to resign and give him a position in the National Democratic Party. I wish them both well.

  5. Nice that all of the Republicans got to vote that Burn should stay…they always seem to have a lot of time on their hands to play around on your polls and vote multiple times.

  6. Wolf made himself into the enemy of State Committee. So much for a “different kind of politician”. Yea, I don’t think we ever had a puppet for Governor.

  7. Once again, your poll has been played.
    Burn has made Wolf into the enemy of State Committee. Surely Wolf must be wondering, with friends like Burn, who needs Republicans?

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    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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