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Reader Poll: Who Do You Believe Will Be the 2016 AG Dem Nominee?

Kathleen-Kane-portrait1The field is finally set.

Yesterday, Josh Shapiro finally announced that he’ll be running in the Democratic primary for Attorney General.

The Montco Commissioner will be running against Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala, Northampton DA John Morganelli, prosecutor Jack Stollsteimer and attorney Dave Fawcett.

On top of all that, Kathleen Kane is now sending out signals that she intends to run for re-election, even while the State Senate debates whether to remove her.

With such a large set of candidates, we thought it only best to poll our readers to see who they think will ultimately prevail.

Who Do You Believe Will Be the 2016 Democratic Nominee for Attorney General?

  • Kathleen Kane (68%)
  • Josh Shapiro (18%)
  • Stephen Zappala (11%)
  • John Morganelli (1%)
  • Jack Stollsteimer (1%)
  • Dave Fawcett (0%)

Total Voters: 3,672

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51 Responses

  1. And there you have it folks!! A typical FOXtard … in all his glory …

    Right below this comment:

  2. We just had a very sad 7 years under Obama. He’s a cheap race baiting politician who did nothing to improve the lot of black America. He’s a psychopathic liar and a traitor and criminal too. THESE are the people YOU look up to?!!! You must have taken too many acid trips in college and smoked too much weed too because you certainly have permanent brain damage. I read that smoking weed elevates estrogen levels in men. That explains it, you are suffering an estrogen meltdown, you feel an affinity with women! Maybe you should consider gender re-assignment surgery because it is apparent you are not comfortable with your hetero sexuality if you want Hilary as president. President Hillary! That’s a good one! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!

  3. Settle dow, FOXtard!!! You seem like the one headed for an aneurism. Have another cup of TEA.

    And then prepare yourself. Because it’s coming: “President Hillary Clinton”

  4. Hilary Clinton has neither the energy nor the stamina to be president.She still suffers residual cognitive issues from her stroke and her overall health is failing rapidly. She is less than a year or two away from a major neurological or cardiac event that will retire her permanently. Also, her husband Bill, the rapist, has serious “Bill Cosby” type issues that can’t be laughed off this time around as “Oh, that’s just Bubba, he’s a good old boy!’ – Bottom line Hillary is unfit to be president. Besides she is a liar, a traitor and a criminal.

  5. Tim-

    My point, is that those two states are statistically outside the norm and their votes have not be predictive of later outcomes. (Santorum won Iowa, but neither the Presidency nor the GOP nomination.)

    Bernie does very poorly with minority voters, and Hillary was 40-points ahead in South Carolina in mid December. 20 points ahead in Nevada, and will probably clean up the super-Tuesday states that have more minority voters.

    I think the “micro” problem you’re suffering from is not “aggression”.

    Hate to clue you in, but the US is multi-cultural.

  6. Hey Dave Diano – What’s your beef against white people anyway? Why are you always denigrating your own race. Are you suffering guilt because of your “white privilege”. Get off it! If you wan to be a multiculturalist and a diversity freak, move to France or Germany where the are committing cultural suicide. Excuse my “micro-aggression”. What’s your bag anyway blowhard?

  7. Unsanctioned R-

    Iowa and New Hampshire are two of the whitest states in country. Hardly representative of the rest of the states. I wouldn’t put t=wo much stock in the results from those states from either party.

    Rick Santorum won Iowa last time around.

  8. DD – If Kevin Steele is smart, he does the right thing. After all – selective enforcement is q form of corruption. Does he want to be seen as a corrupt prosecutor?

  9. If Kane is acquitted or charges dropped, she will ride high on her own personal Benghazi GOP witch hunt to a second term.

  10. I don’t think it matters if she does or not. If Kane is nominated, it only guarantees that she will lose to Republican. If she is not nominated, I can see the new Democratic nominee having trouble winning because of Kane. The GOP nominee will use the Kane scandal to drum up support for a “change”. People will be clamoring for someone new and a Democrat will probably not be who they choose. Just my thoughts. It is only January and November is eleven months away.

  11. “But, they aren’t going to find any without setting a trial date, and ending this limbo.”


  12. Unsanctioned R

    I’m hoping they can find 12 reasonable people, but Kane only needs one reasonable person to see through this political horseshit.

    But, they aren’t going to find any without setting a trial date, and ending this limbo.

  13. Just please do not be apoplectic when 12 reasonable people disagree with you beyond a reasonable doubt.

  14. David, when you say the perjury charge is bogus, do you mean that you believe Kane did not lie under oath?

  15. Unsanctioned R

    I don’t think she was blackmailing anyone. Given all the bogus charges trumped up against her, they didn’t even put in blackmail, so it’s too ridiculous a charge even for the Montco DA and kangaroo court.

    The perjury charge is bogus, and the other charges are misdemeanors.

  16. David, you don’t believe her defense either. She could have been a hero in 2013. But, she chose criminal, self-serving actions with her information and power.

  17. Unsanctioned R

    Hundreds of people knew about porn emails since 2009. Kane was the first/only person to expose them. Instead of accusing her of blackmail over emails she received years before she became A.G., how about thanking her for blowing the whistle?

  18. Unfortunately for Kane, no one believes her defense that she didn’t know what was in the envelope that she authorized for release and passed along to smear her perceived enemies. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it reported that her testimony was that she didn’t even know who prepared/gave her the envelope? What!

    Remember, she’s known about porngate emails since 2009 when her sister looped her in on the joke. Her GJ crime was in 2015. Did she move to release porngate emails in 2014? No. Did she expose this malfeasance in 2013? No. What she’s accused of and makes sense in light of her other actions is that she used their existence to leverage her critics and shut their mouth or else she’ll embarrass you. That’s blackmail.

    When she threatened attorneys who rat on her after firing an attorney who ratted on her, that’s blackmail and unbecoming of the office.

    Her defenders cry, “conspiracy,” but, the evidence for the jury will have her undisputed actions and sworn witnesses, who are not on porngate emails, testifying in unison over her disputed actions.

    (P.S. I voted for Kane. And as the troll seems to think, my vote is worth 83, so you do the math)

  19. Pat Unger-

    My point was more that she should show up at State Committee. For all the accusations of her being “political”, she hasn’t shown up at state committee more than one or twice since she got elected, and not recently at all.

    So, if there is going to be an endorsement vote, and Kane plans to run, she should meeting with the committee people and attend the events her opponents are.

    It’s also a GREAT way to meet leaders from all over the state, without having to travel all over the state.

  20. Great points, Pat. Looks like the public has finally figured this out.

    And, for those that want to see what was reported on the Fina e-mails when they were released, here goes:

    “The very first image in the binder — part of an email from Frank Fina to two colleagues — depicts a topless woman on her back, giving oral sex to a man in a dress shirt. It is captioned in the style of a motivational poster: “WILLINGNESS: Bend over backwards to do an exceptional job.”

    The next image? Another woman. Also giving oral sex. “DEVOTION: Making your boss happy is your only job.”

    It’s not all blowjobs. The next image in the set featured anal sex.

    The stuff that wasn’t pornographic was still demeaning to women and minorities. Fina’s group of faux motivational posters included an image of a white man, carrying a bucket of fried chicken, being accosted by two deranged-looking black men. The caption? “Bravery at its finest.”

    One of the few pictures of a clothed female showed a woman wearing a T-shirt emblazoned: “WIFE: Washing, Ironing, F**ing, Etc.” (The letters in the explicit word were blurred in the photo) That caption? “PLACE: Know it!” ”

    How friggin’ bigoted is Frank Fina? A true creep …

    Pretty soon, if he is lucky enough to get a job while in prison, he will be “Washing” and “Ironing” … and the “Fucking” will be by his cell-mate, Bubba. They won’t like him much in the big house ….

  21. 77 seems to be Kane’s lucky number!!!!!!!

    If her criminal case gets dismissed on 7/7, that would be really strange!!!!!!!

  22. Then you compare these numbers:

    *** Should Seth Williams Fire Frank Fina? ***

    Yes (77%)
    No (23%)

  23. The numbers are astonishing:

    Kathleen Kane (77%)
    Josh Shapiro (17%)
    Stephen Zappala (5%)
    John Morganelli (0%)
    Jack Stollsteimer (0%)
    Dave Fawcett (0%)

  24. @ha3 shill liar…if Kane defines the te low level prosecutor. Let’s compare..DeWeese, Veon, Perzel, Sandusky…m did Kane out anyone in jail that you even know the name of…How about those Tuenpike cases she spiked? No jail time-none-nada. Left the lone prosecutor facing 6-9 attorneys. Was that her judgment on “deployment of resources?” Promoted a sexual Harrasser ?! Was that her shining moment of managing her personnel? Promoted her sister-not qualified for the job-that had sent 58+ racist pornographic emails! Promoted DeTitto the originator and/distributor of the “questionable” emails! Keeps Baxter that sent Eakin his offensive emails. Do these attest to her superior managemt skills???

  25. Why bother to challenge Kane to anything?! She invented the no comment! Who holds press conferences and NEVER takes questions? Who doesn’t testify on their own behalf? Who begs the court for Her license back while arguing she doesn’t need aaw license? Who received racist, pornographic emails from DeTitto and her sister? Kathleen Kane- the original
    No license embarrassment

  26. Suck-Boy’s candidate would have to explain his day on 1/21/09:

    Former Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s prosecutor Frank G. Fina may have had a busy day on January 21, 2009, but at 4:56 in the afternoon he found the time to send out 22 inappropriate images from his work email … some of which were “recommendations” on novel, X-rated ways to evaluate the job performance of female employees. Several of the photos graphically suggested that women are best able please their male bosses while on their knees. The recipient’s response: “You are on a roll today, my man.”

    Perhaps he was also “on a roll” when he sent this to a group of white male buddies. But he’d be guard-pressed to explain this one:

    before these e-mails came out, Fina (a low level prosecutor in Philadelphia) was challenging the AG to televised debates. Since he has been exposed as a racist women-hating creep that he is, it’s been nothing but “No comment” from Mr. Fina.

  27. if Josh wins the attorney general race in 2016 and I think for Allyson Schwartz or Marjorie Margolies one of the former congresswomen will most likely is to get the appointment as the next Montgomery County Commissioner in 2017, and is to be the second woman is to be in the Montgomery County Commission Board in 2017 with Valerie Arkoosh and Joe Gale. For Josh Shapiro’s case is he will be a excellent Attorney General although is I did not supported him is to be Attorney General, and I did supported for John Rafferty a Republican State Senator for the position as Attorney General instead of Josh.

  28. I’m voting for Josh Shapiro is to be the next Democratic Nominee because for he can be the only one of who can defeat Kathleen Kane into the primary.

  29. Now that Josh has announced, he can start paying staff to click on the “vote” button. 🙂

  30. Kween Kathleen can’t let a minor detail like a license suspension stop her. Mama lives for the applause. YAAAAS KWEEN

  • Who are you voting for in the PA Supreme Court race?

    • Dan McCaffery (61%)
    • Carolyn Carluccio (37%)
    • Still undecided (2%)

    Total Voters: 344

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