Report: Kane Potentially Facing FBI Investigation

Kane-sadIs Attorney General Kathleen Kane facing more than one investigation?

According to a report from The Legal Intelligencer, it appears she is.

The paper asserts that these possible investigations are separate from the grand jury investigation in which Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman recently charged Kane with eight counts.

“Sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there appears to be an active FBI investigation asking questions about Kane as well as a Philadelphia grand jury looking into her and her office,” the Intelligencer wrote.

“According to one knowledgeable source, at least one former employee of the Attorney General’s Office has been interviewed by FBI agents in recent weeks,” they continue. “The source said one of the agents was from the anti-corruption unit.”

The Philly grand jury is apparently the one dealing with the sting case. Kane decided to pass on prosecuting anyone involved and the leak of that news to the Inquirer in March 2014 started this whole mess.

Chuck Ardo, Kane’s spokesman, and Gerald L. Shargel, her attorney, both denied any knowledge of these investigations.

“I cannot comment on any current, past or ongoing or previous grand jury matters,” said Philadelphia DA spokesman Cameron Kline.

Philly DA Seth Williams, along with his employee Frank Fina, are Kane’s biggest political and personal enemies.

The Intelligencer believes the additional investigations may be connected to the cases involving Rob McCord and Mike Fleck.

If that is indeed the case, two incredibly complex dramas may become intertwined.

55 Responses

  1. Truth Squad, you need to stop playing amateur attorney, because you are just plain wrong. There would be no grounds for a new trial because the prosecutors shared porn emails. That’s just ludicrous. So, please, just stop.

  2. Pat Unger hit the nail on the head … the Sandusky conviction may be at risk because of Frankie’s obsession with porn … if that happens … everyone on the porn emails list will be responsible for Sandusky getting a new trial and possibly getting out of prison and maybe even getting-off.

    Should such a scenario play out it will become a huge national story again and people’s lives will be ruined … Nancy Grace will not hesitate to call Frankie out for his interactions with 2nd mile children … so this is a high stakes battle between good and evil.

  3. In its January 23, 2015 edition, The Philadelphia Tribune revealed that Judge Gary Glazer gave Mondesire 30 days to hand over court records in the civil case against him. Obviously, 30 days have elapsed. Yet there have been no new developments in Mondesire’s case since. Why? Unless some party has intervened on Mondesire’s behalf…

  4. Many pivotal questions remain unanswered and unexplored. Why, for instance, was the inquiry into J. Whyatt Mondesire abandoned in 2009? Mondesire has been ousted from his leadership position at the Philadelphia NAACP – a position he held for many years – because of alleged improprieties. He was forsaken by his own organization, for heaven’s sake. Why did state authorities opt not to prosecute him in 2009? Unless, of course, Mondesire was involved in an ongoing federal matter, and state authorities were asked to back off…

  5. Larry – How is it that you know Frank Fina? And is it really fair to dismiss porn-gate as “some e-mails?” You sorta lose credibility when you do that.

    It has been reported that the images and videos sent around by Fina included some stuff that isn’t just “dirty” – but is reflective his views of women and – specifically – women who work with him and for him. For instance – the porn supposedly included pictures of female employees performing oral sex on their bosses with the word “Dedication” there … to imitate those motivational posters we have all seen in the workplace. The videos and pictures are said to include violence against women and kids posing in sexual positions.

    Sorry – but that is not just “some e-mails.” And DD’s point is a good one regarding a prosecutor’s relationship with the Judges he appears in front of. Sending material like that to Judges proves that the prosecutors and the judges were way too “chummy.” It also gives the prosecutor some “dirt” on the Judges. And – in my opinion – they put a whole lot of convictions in jeopardy. I know if I were a defendant prosecuted by Fina and convicted by a Judge who received porn e-mails from Fina, I’d be asking for a new trial.

  6. Reviewing the two most recent threads on this issue again prompts corroborative reactions regarding abuse of discretion (DD decries it here but blinks when it has become the cornerstone of BHO) and the risk that lotsa cases are jeopardized by AG-KANE’S turmoil (with Jessica seeming to support my support for the Supremes to investigate ASAP).

  7. Diano, I always got along fine with Fina, but he certainly rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. I would be shocked if he engaged in any sort of misconduct. The worst thing that will happen to him is the disclosure of dirty emails. And I would expect Seth Williams not to fire Fina over some emails.

  8. Having “won” Jessica’s (reluctant) endorsement, two clarifications are indicated…buried in colloquy by the “usual suspects.”

    First, I was critical of Corbett for YEARS regarding his lack of candor regarding Sandusky, as noted on this site and as delivered inter alia to asher; as a gop committeeman, I walked a tightrope, even as I repeatedly pled for Cawley to supplant him…including directly to Jim.

    Second, DD finally revealed the depth of his progressive-secular dem-policy egalitarianism; his focus on process is flawed, for it blinds him…and too many others…to AG-KANE’S errors.

  9. Question for all the (alleged) insiders who are predicting Kane’s fall/demise:

    It seems that some of you aren’t fans of Fina either.

    Besides Kane and her close associates, do you have any prediction for trouble for Kane’s political adversaries in this?

    Do you think the feds will uncover evidence/testimony of prosecutorial abuse of discretion? Will the feds uncover the leakers of the Montco grand jury that looked into Kane?

    If so, do you have any prediction of who will fall on the anti-Kane side?

  10. No big secret about the feds looking (opens NEW doors that SOME people should be concerned about) at Kane but remember they are snooping at a lot of local governments and people.
    Message here is some “real clean” people forgot that they still have a bad odor even after using “lifeboy soap”.
    Once the feds start looking OH BOY!

  11. “However, the one thing that Fina has going for him that on his worst day he is still 100 times smarter than Kane.”

    Coming from someone who didn’t know Fina to see him until the inclusion of his photo in a recent article, the above quote is in many ways what this entire saga boils down to. I mean…Kane actually believed her Mondesire stunt was some slick maneuver that she would get away with. WTF. If we’re being honest, that fact alone is just as much of an embarrassment to Pennsylvanians as is Kane’s commitment of the crime itself.

    Kane’s apologists claim that she, I guess as the political idealist in a white dress, was simply “too naive” to appreciate the extent to which Fina and others would retaliate. PLEASE. When Bozo the Attorney General made the politically expedient decision to make her campaign about Sandusky, she had no idea who Frank Fina was. She was too clueless to foresee consequences that would begin taking shape more than 10 minutes after she made her ridiculous, since-disproven accusations.

    Namely, the devastating implication of Kane’s campaign message was that multiple apolitical career professionals in OAG had “slowrolled” an investigation for pure political purposes – all at the expense of adolescent boys who they allegedly knew were enduring sexual abuse from a serial predator. To Kane, maybe these professionals were each a faceless straw man who would cease to exist after her election-year charade. But in reality, they were real people (Fina et al.) with real careers and real reputations.

    Even the most inept politician/attorney should have anticipated – and, frankly, understood – the ire of Fina and his colleagues. Kane had just spent MONTHS criss-crossing the Commonwealth telling anyone who would listen that these prosecutors – who were way further up the prosecutoroial food chain than Kane had every been – had covered for a child molester! OF COURSE Fina and company were going to criticize and second guess Kane’s decisions as AG, particularly because they knew she was unqualified to lead the office.

    Kane couldn’t handle the criticism and escalated this by opting to “declare war,” blissfully unaware of how far in over her head she was. You mess with the bull, you get the horns, I suppose.

  12. Jessica,
    I wholeheartedly agree with your characterization of Fina. He was and is an egotistical jackass. Make no mistake that Fina has his acolytes the same way that Kane has hers.

    What many of the Kane detractors forget is that Fina’s pals were promoted throughout the agency simply because they were Fina’s pals.

    What’s funny about this is one of his butt kissers is the sole reason that this porn nonsense came out. Perhaps too many cooks in the kitchen?

    However, the one thing that Fina has going for him that on his worst day he is still 100 times smarter than Kane.

    However, you are 100% correct in that Kane is a disaster for the office and citizens. I am aware of two cases actively being attacked by defense attorney’s based who are arguing that Kane’s corruption has spread to various aspects of those investigations.

  13. Jessica Myers-

    Do you think the Dems losing Kane is a good price to get rid of Fina and friends?

    While I am still eager to see Kane’s defense, the deck is pretty stacked against her by the judge and how the grand jury was conducted (like the conductors who wanted a railroad). If Kane loses, the only silver lining would be bringing down all these other pr*cks in the process.

  14. DD — Fina is a bad, dangerous man. I speak from personal experience.

    Bet this surprises you?

    I’m objective about KK. She needs to go.

  15. Jessica-

    My issue is, and has consistently been, with the process here. Given the political nature of the targeting and prosecution over what would normally be a slap on the wrist (if that), the entire investigation has no credibility. It’s been nothing but witch-hunting a fishing. The charges (even if 100% true) are minor and petty, especially in light of the hypocrisy of the far more leaky grand jury investigating her.

    I complained about team Wolf attacked and drove out Jim Burn and disrespected the process of the State committee members voting their preference.

    The abuse of the system to go after Kane pales in comparison to the “crimes” she is charged with.

    Let’s not forget, Fina let Ali off the hook for hundreds of thousands in an immunity deal that resulted in trivial plea deals from the sting targets. No actual “bribery” convictions. No jail time. This is the same guy who reports have indicated dragged his heals going after Sandusky, but had time for porn at work.

    So, I think these guys should be investigated and brought down. If not, Kane should get a pass.

  16. Light — confirmed. Stay tuned, though. 😉

    Reese — still not suspended despite the internal policy. Love to see DD’s spin on this one.

  17. DD — you are the fearless leader of the Kane apparatchik. You’re surrounded by good company: DP, Reese, Ellen, and Renee. What an honor!

    I used to think Kanesdriver and the doc were too hard on you. Not anymore. You’re not only dense, you’re a blind partisan hack.

  18. Pat Unger-

    Observer posted about Fina. But if the FBI is looking into a grand jury that is investigating Kane, Fina is likely at the heart of it somewhere, especially with his connections to Williams.

    There’s a very small incestuous pool of players here lined up against Kane. If the FBI is investigating the investigators and their pals, you probably don’t need a very big blast radius to catch Fina with some shrapnel.

    The question that comes to me is: What, if anything, did Kane know about this before her press conference. She certainly didn’t let anything slip about an investigation, but did she raise the stakes or set the stage for the next shoe to drop on her foes?

  19. U guys have no idea … The FBI are asking about Frankie’s relationships with second mile children … No joke. Dude is A freak

  20. DD – Now I don’t know what you are talking about ….

    Do you have some legitimate reason to believe that the Feds are investigating Mr. Fina or any of the people involved with the GJ probe of Kane?

  21. Unknown

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I thought the FBI had dropped the ball on it.

    Is the renewed interest the result of the McCord and Fleck investigations? Or because of Kane’s accusations?

    What would be hilarious is if the FBI gave Kane immunity to testify against Fina and friends.

  22. Are the “insiders” here now suggesting that there will soon be information that AG Kane cheated on her husband??? OMG … Oh no …. Yikes!! …. LMAO

  23. Bungy get back to the set ! Time to film maybe your friend Jessica would like to do a scene with you. Tell her what s great director I am. I can make her a star.

  24. or is it the Dominican Republic? Wonder what the married ones told their respective spouses?

  25. Diano: The woman who provided you with incriminating information on a former office-holder years ago? The District Attorney who brought charges against her was Risa Ferman. And the Judge who wrongfully convicted her was William Carpenter. Yes, the same D.A. and the same Judge. Uncanny coincidence? No – no it is not.

    The much more going on at present than is publicly known…

  26. Of much greater interest is the add-on about a possible Philly grand jury. Would WilliamsFina have the gall to present some sort of smoke and mirrors case against Kane to a grand jury based on the easy-sleazy plea bargains they got out of the butchered sting operation? When is Al Pacino going to start pounding on the desk, pointing fingers, and telling them they’re ALL OUTTA ORDER….

  27. The story says: “active FBI investigation asking questions about Kane as well as a Philadelphia grand jury looking into her and her office”

    KEY TAKEAWAY: the FBI is looking into the grand jury that is looking into her

    Why would the FBI be looking into that grand jury if it wasn’t for the leaks and motivations?

    This does not mean she is the target (or if she is the target, not the lone target).

    Maybe the Philly Pope measures to lock down roads and bridges are only practice for turning Harrisburg (or the entire state) into an “Escape from New York” style prison if the investigations continue to expand.

  28. This is ridiculous. More of the Harrisburg Old Boy’s Club picking on a woman for shaking things up! Pathetic.

  29. Pat Unger, there is no federal grand jury at this point. It’s just FBI agents interviewing people. Nothing confidential about that.

  30. I guess we need to define “political.” Is the FBI “Obama’s FBI”? That’d be political. Is the FBI searching for more on the Allentown/Reading cases and asking for info from the AG’s office? That’s not political and that’s not reflective on Kathleen Kane, whatsoever. AG Kane will be vindicated.

  31. If Kane is indicted Federally, then Gov. Wolf will get what he has asked for. It would also probably mean that the state case in Montgomery County would never see a courtroom. That would be sad!!

    On another note – any Federal grand jury investigation is supposed to be secret as well. If true (that they are investigating Kane), it appears that someone is leaking that too.

  32. Freakie Frankie got “interviewed” by the Feds, mistakenly thought the case was about Kane when it was about him and Second Mile, and pre-emptively leaked it to the Intelligencer, who ate it up lock, stock, and barrel. It’s about corruption all right – but it’s the corruption in the Corbett AG office.

  33. Where are the Kane apologists who claim that attacks on their darling Kathleen are all political? Are we to assume that Obama’s FBI is now politically opposed to Kane?

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