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7/22 Ups & Downs

A terrible towel, a new Deputy AG and another State Treasurer is arrested. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowBarbara Hafer. Another former PA State Treasurer has been indicted. Yesterday we found out that Barbara Hafer is being charged with lying about taking $500,000 in consulting fees from a company that did business with her office. It actually appears that all this was revealed through the wire former Treasurer Rob McCord was wearing as part of his plea deal after he was found guilty of extortion. Is a non-corrupt State Treasurer really so much to ask!?


Up ArrowPA GOP Delegation. The trip was definitely worthwhile for the 71 delegates that Pennsylvania sent to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. First of all, they got great seats right off the stage. Then, Speaker Paul Ryan spoke to them on Monday (he even twirled a terrible towel). Donald Trump Jr, Joni Ernst and Jeff Sessions were the guests of honor on Wednesday while VP nominee Mike Pence surprised them during their Thursday breakfast. This is a week they won’t forget.


Down ArrowKathleen Kane. The Attorney General’s August 8th trial is rapidly approaching and new controversies just keep popping up. On Wednesday, we learned that Kane had interviewed the son of someone scheduled to testify against her for a job. That same day it was revealed that Kane’s twin sister, Ellen Granahan, won that pay raise from new First Deputy Attorney General Bruce Castor. Whoever said August is a quiet month?


Up ArrowBrian Fitzpatrick. The first-time candidate and younger brother to retiring incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick wrapped up just his second fundraising quarter last month. Nonetheless, he was able to score his second straight victory over Democratic nominee Steve Santarsiero in the fundraising race. On top of that, Ohio Governor John Kasich is set to campaign with Fitzpatrick today.



Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. We’re up to the sixth week now.





The tweet of the week goes to the Tribune-Review’s Tom Fontaine for capturing this snapshot of Paul Ryan waving a terrible towel.

15 Responses

  1. gulag – Don’t forget Fina & The Corbett Pervs. Their disgustingly corrupt careers in law enforcement are effectively over thanks to Kane.

    Agree re: Seth Williams. He may have continued his fraud of a career had he not shown his true colors with those CLOWNS. There are many who warned him about getting into bed with Fina & The Corbett Pervs.

    The PhillyMag article – with the pic of Seth posing like a girl – says what I’ve been saying for months. He is broke and desperate. And now he is rambling like an idiot about Kane. It’s pathetic. Wonder how his donors feel now that he is spending their money on expensive gym memberships and cocktails at the Union League.

    If it was really one of Seth’s girlfriends that vandalized the City car, the Feds better lock him up … and quick. Poor Seth can’t make ends meet on $175K a year. But that doesn’t mean he should have taxpayers pay to repair the damage his jilted lover caused. Can’t wait to hear him blame Kane for that one!

    Wonder if Kane forced him to hire Bob Levant’s wife too ….. and I’m sure Kane had something to do w Harry Levant (Bob’s brother) getting such a SWEET deal.

    Something is ROTTEN at the DA’s Office. And it ain’t Kane ….

  2. And to think AG Kane stirred the pot to initiate all these investigations of porn emails that got rid of 2 bad justices and led to future others, such as Seth Williams. Yet, the pervs still intend to subject her to trial. Kane should be rewarded for meritorious service.

  3. Barbara Hafer is charged with answering “no” (when the correct answer was “yes”), when asked about post-Treasurer income to her consulting firm. The only connection to her Treasurer role was that the income came from a former state contractor.

  4. HaHaHa……..For your information my real name is Wilson Picket and yes I was named after the singer. I am a black man. Do you have something against blacks? I think you clearly disrespected me and other African American by your post. I would ask for your apology. I made no disparaging remarks about you. Are you a racist?

  5. WTF……..That’s the first sensible thing I’ve read in here all day. Good for you.


    If Seth seriously told David G. that he thinks Kane was/is responsible for the criminal investigation being led by the FBI and NJ’s United States Attorney’s Office (EDPA referred it there), then he is either completely stupid or a complete liar.

    The FBI and USAO does not let one side of a beef use them to score points against the other side. Plus – Kane had no credibility by the time the report surfaced about Seth using campaign money for personal expenses. At least this article explains why: Seth is cash-starved. And it seems like he is trying to set up his defense for when he gets indicted and arrested by the FBI — blame it on the unpopular Kane.

    There is much more than poor judgment going on here. His unwavering support for Porngate prosecutors Frank Fina and Mark Costanzo was worse than that – and it was compounded by the hiring of Kathy Martin (who is closely tied to those guys by the fact that her husband represents them in their civil suit against Kane and the OAG) to replace a career prosecutor who implored Seth to fire the racist/sexist duo who came over from the OAG. Seth basically fired that career prosecutor instead – a guy who had a sterling record as a D.A., Chief, Deputy and 1st Assistant.

    And what of those slashed tires on the City car(s)? Did Seth answer your questions about that? Was it really a jilted ex-lover? Why hasn’t she been arrested? Why were the taxpayers force to pay for the damage? Who handled the investigation for the DA’s Office? Was it Frank Fina’s unit, by any chance? Was it Costanzo’s unit?
    When will those questions get answered?

    Seth Williams is putting his head in the sand. Hopefully, the FBI will soon dig him up.

  7. The fact that Trump is not on here is a disgrace. The RNC was a 4-day Fidel Castro-esque scream-fest. Trump’s wife is just another example of an immigrant coming into this Country and stealing from a hard-working American. And Trump sounded like an angry fool on top of his usual arrogant asshole routine.

    “Lock it in”
    “Lock it in”
    “Lock it in”
    Hillary is your next POTUS

  8. Average # of police murders per year by administration:

    Reagan: 101
    Bush: 90
    Clinton: 81
    Bush: 72
    Obama: 62

  9. How about a DOWN arrow every week for PENN STATE until they acknowledge JoPa knew and could have done more.
    And an UP arrow for Rep. Rozzi for being the only in the legislature that gives a shit about sex abuse victims

  10. Where’s the DOWN ARROW for Fina & The Corbett Pervs? Their money driven lawsuit against the State was thrown out by a Federal Judge.

    That means no money for the Pervs’ lawyer Bob Levant and his wife Kathy Martin (who just so happens to be Seth Williams’ Chief of Staff. LOL. Seth Williams flushed his career down the toilet for NOTHING.

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