PA8: “I’m not a super Trump-Tard” — Social Media Post Bites GOP Front-Runner

It’s no surprise that national Republican leaders like Earl Granville. He is a decorated combat veteran and veterans’ advocate, a photogenic young candidate who promises a stark contrast with incumbent Democratic congressman Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna). He’s running in a district that Donald Trump carried by nearly 10 points and has the support of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

But his path to the nomination runs through a crowded Republican primary field, and it just got rockier. 

In February 2019, Granville posted a quote graphic to Instagram with a quote from Malcolm X about the power of the media. In an accompanying comment, he criticized actor Jussie Smollet and defended the high school students from Covington, Ky. who attended the March for Life.

“I’m not a super Trump-Tard but I can’t stand the left leaning side,” Granville wrote. “People are being called racists just for voting for the guy.”

He continues, “I didn’t vote for the man, but, I believe this is probably a big reason why Donald Trump won the 2016 election.”

The post was first reported by the National Journal and was later obtained by PoliticsPA.

Granville’s campaign issued a statement acknowledging the authenticity of the post and argued it was taken out of context. 

“I 100% support President Trump and one of the main reasons I decided to run for Congress is to give him a Republican House,” Granville said. 

“In a past social media post I attempted to point out the anti-Trump bias and fake news presented by many in the media, I repeated a derogatory term used by the left to make my point, I should have chosen my words more carefully,” Granville continued. 

“I’m honored to have been endorsed by Vets for Trump and I am not in this to attack other Republicans. I’m running to defeat Matt Cartwright and to remove Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker’s chair.”

Chris Borick, a political science professor and Director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion, said the comments as “very damaging” to his campaign – although he wouldn’t characterize it as a knockout punch.

“This is something that absolutely he’s going to have to address for a while and probably carry with him all the way to the election,” Borick said to PoliticsPA. “Anything that smacks of anti-Trump among Republican electorate in a district like the 8th can’t be helpful.” 

A total of six Republicans have filed to run for the Trump friendly district held by Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna). The candidates attempting to unseat Cartwright are former Trump Administration appointee Jim Bognet, Mike Cammisa, Teddy Daniels, Granville,  Luzerne County Councilman Harry Haas, and former Hazleton Mayor Mike Marsicano

Granville is not the lone Republican candidate to receive support from a “Vets for Trump” group in this primary. Teddy Daniels, an Army combat veteran, also received support from a different “Vets for Trump” group, according to the Citizens Voice.

60 Responses

  1. Covering your jewels with your hands standing without cloths is no my idea of a person I want in Congress. Voting for the Green Party instead of Trump is a kick in the Butt of all Republicans . Tired of hearing about War Wounds as a reason to vote for anyone. What experience do any of they have in running any government agency. Working a campaign for losers only produces another looser like Romney and a McCain . Do your homework there are good candidates on the ballot ,you not the media need to make the best choice.

    1. If you’re worried about Romney and McCain better not vote for swamprat Bognet. He worked on both their campaigns. He’s one of Mitts BFFs.

    1. Hey Mike, I can’t wait until Heat in Wilkes-Barre opens up again so we can continue our late night rendezvous!

  2. Who does Granville think the racists did vote for?

    The prominent KKK, Nazi and White Supremacist websites endorsed Trump and declared him as the candidate they’d been waiting for. And after Charlottesville, Trump said their were good people on “both sides”, when one of those sides was white nationalists.

    (Let’s not forget that Trump’s father, Fred, was arrested at a Klan rally in NYC.)

    1. Speaking of white supremicist, wonder when everybody’s gonna realize Ted Daniels used Steve Smith, a well known white supremicists as one of his petition circulators? That’s public record. Check out his petitions. That bonehead move will make national news.

      1. I thought Marsicano, the old democrat Hazleton mayor is the guy running around saying “we need to protect our white heritage”

  3. If Ganville is leading we republicans are screwed. Just another hand pick loser like john Chrin. Granville voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 – and will probably vote for Biden in 2020.

    TRUMP 2020!

    1. Granville did not vote for Clinton. That’s a lie. He’s on the record. What IS true: Mike Marsicano opened Hillary Clinton HQ. He’s on video being attacked by Barletta over that! THAT is the D in the race.

  4. So this article title tells me Granville is the R Frontrunner and based on the low level attacks which scream of desperation, polls must have Granville WAY ahead.

    1. Are there polls? Bognet put out a release that says he raised $275,000. How much has Granville raised?

      1. Bognet needs $250K of that just to convince people he isn’t the Mitt Romney lovin DC swamp RINO we know he is. He can use the remaining $25K to explain why he’s living in his mommy’s house pretending to be a PA resident while he drives around with DC plates.

        1. Virginia Plates to be exact. Doesn’t matter I guess when you’re just a dick. Dresses like he only wears the Aeropostale suggested shirt-sweater combo from 2002.

  5. Sometimes I can’t tell what is real. Did Granville really not vote for Trump? I could not find it on his Facebook page.

  6. Earl Granville’s entire campaign is based around himself, it’s all ego. He has no real policy, no real beliefs, and he’s being propped up by Kevin McCarthy. I understand people saying he’s our best shot to flip the district, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best choice. I’d rather vote for someone who I actually like but loses rather than hold my nose to vote for someone who might win.

    I almost feel like the Republicans blew it this year. Most of these candidate’s campaign have been almost non-existent. I thought Granville was going to win the nomination simply by winning the non-Luzerne vote which would’ve been split 5 ways, but now I have no idea who’s going to come out ahead.

  7. The rumors are that Earl is having second thoughts about running but his consultants keep pressuring him to stay in. They are using you Earl. I wonder who is really behind his candidacy. My money would be on democrat Chuck Volpe knowingly putting up a candidate that could win the primary but then lose the general to Cartwright. Nude pics and not voting for trump is the recipe for failure

        1. I asked Granville about this and got an answer. Years ago, Granville did a project with other combat veterans and wounded warriors (men and women veterans, (both amputees and burn victims) for a coffee table book called Always Loyal. No, he did NOT show any private parts, nor did any of the veterans who did the project. This was for charity with tens of thousands of dollars going to veteran charities. The project was to celebrate our wounded warriors and show they are still beautiful in spite of their hard-earned scars of war. That’s all. But some of Granville’s low character opponents have stooped to new depths: they actually put these pics up all over gay porn sites, mixing them in with completely unrelated pictures (ones in which full nudity was showed, unlike Earl’s), with malicious intent to present them them completely out of context. This is not only an affront to the brave warriors who did this charitable project, it is beneath dignity.

          1. Looks like Granville has to play defense on multiple fronts.

            1.) Didn’t vote for Trump
            2.) Called supporters Trump-Tards
            3.) Has questionable pics

            Not a strong position taking on an incumbent Democrat

          2. Where can I purchase the book? I would love to put it on my coffee table next to my copy of Teddy Daniel’s forged signatures.

    1. You thought Stack was a Republican. Being a condescending know it all who insults everyone related to the Republican party while you lack a real clue is precious.

  8. Leader? Earl is a follower being led around by his team. He doesn’t have a thought on his own. Volunteering during COVID. You mean during the stay inside order. Just because people don’t publicize what they are doing doesn’t mean they aren’t doing anything. Seriously. Earl makes money speaking about his brothers suicide. Pretty unscrupulous to me.

    1. Have you ever had personal experience with veteran suicide? If not, you have no valid opinion. I am the wife of one of the 22….of course we talk about it! I have done speaking engagements as well. Earl is also very philanthropic and donates to the cause. Silence means our loved ones died in vain.

  9. Does Earl have any formal education beyond high school and his AIT? I’d prefer a candidate who understands public policy more than high school social studies class students.

  10. Anybody who knows Earl knows that he was a huge Bernie Sanders supporter. He hates Trump and is as liberal as they come

  11. Waiting to hear how he lost his leg. Going for the sympathy vote? Teddy Daniels was shot several times in Afghanistan and he doesn’t run on that. Teddy has a strong platform for WE THE PEOPLE. He doesn’t take any shit either. That’s the guy we need. Not the lackawanna puppet Earl

      1. Teddy doesn’t play the game. He is a take no shit guy. Blue collar raised. What I love about him is that he is a war hero, Purple Heart recipient and is very humble about it. He doesn’t run around bragging about it. He is also anti establishment. This is the guy we need in DC. Won’t be bullied and doesn’t go with the flow. A fighter for us.

        1. But can he win? Does he have money. Jim Bognet says he has $275,000. Anyone else have money? I’m from Philly so still trying to figure out who is who

    1. If Ted “doesn’t run on his service”, then he shouldn’t have video pinned to the top of his Facebook page of himself in a firefight. cry for attention. He even called it “resurfaced video” which is a joke. only place it resurfaced from was his own cell phone.

        1. Have you seen the video on his FB page? Enforcer for the Hells Angels? Nope MF’ing enforcer for America!!!!!

    1. Cloud would never say “preach it sister.” Only cowards impersonate people. Troll.

      1. So….Earl Granville is a coward? Because he is impersonating a Trump supporting conservative.

  12. He actually backed the President if you bother to read it. He was arguing that the media can twist anything to get the result they want. Cartwright fears Earl and will wipe the floor with any of the other candidates. The last guy who ran had a boatload of money, supported Trump 100% and got beat by almost 20 points. Now a media screw job. It plays right into Cartwright’s hands.

    1. There is actually a dailykos article where they are fundraising for Cartwright based on Earl’s naked pictures in a coffee table book. I get it was to raise money for vets, but the photographer has some really pushed boundaries of Homo erotic imagery mixed with the armed services. Cartwright will exploit that weakness.

    2. VOTING for quote “The President, meaning Donald Trump” and supporting the president, Donald Trump are two completely different actions…support as you may state, if you dont vote with the highly offensive and derogatory bigoted phrase “trump tards” then those words are as empty as Matt Cartwrights support of the President, Donald Trump, which is 4% with, 96% against…but hey, it’s support!

  13. It’s time we get Earl to actually tell you what his views are. If try to approach him on social media and ask any hard questions you are immediately blocked. Let’s put him in a debate with Ted Daniels and we will see who the real Republican candidate should be.

  14. Earl Granville can barley say his name let alone carry his weight on stage with trump. The guys an absolute joke.

    1. I read online that Earl tongue punched Mike Taluto’s fart box. Is this true? If it is, are there pictures? Asking for a friend.

  15. This is fatal once it gets out. NEPA is ride or die Trump. It’s insulting to these voters and those with special needs. The big question is how in the hell do you not scrub your social media for stuff like this before running in a Republican primary? How does your campaign team miss this? Or are all you just politically blind to your own constituents in PA8. Unreal.

  16. Seems us trump tards would not want to be represented by this guy on any given day.

  17. Earl Granville isn’t even a real conservative he became a republican two weeks before he announced he would he would run. Granville is Hand Picked by the swap. Teddy Daniels is the only true republican Veteran in the race. If Granville would debate, Teddy would Crush him. Earl is just another weak democrat. That comment was probably done by one of Granvilles DC Swamp creatures. GRANVILLE SHOULD DROP OUT AND RUN AS AN DEM. EARL voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. TRUMP 2020!

    — ‘TRUMP TARD'”

    1. Granville didn’t vote for Clinton. He’s on the record on that. I wish! But you bring up an interesting idea! If this R primary gets nasty, maybe Granville should run under a different party—up the middle in the general election as an Independent! You say he’s a D, others say he’s an R. Granville can make the general nastier than anything you Republican idiots do to him!

  18. Maybe damaging, but Earl Granville is beloved in NEPA and people respect him. Kevin McCarthy endorsed him-R Party knows he’s their only shot to defeat Cartwright in the general. The field of Republican opponents is weak and way more flawed than some ill-chosen words. Did my homework: Marsicano was a Democrat only a year ago and even endorsed Cartwright and has a very damning PFA on his record; Daniels worked in the pot industry and his past is also dubious; Cammissa is too young; Haas is a nice guy but hasn’t gotten any traction. Bognet is a Mitt Romney lovin’ swamp RHINO using his mommy and daddy’s address in PA to pretend he’s a resident but he still has DC plates on his car. Will people care about words which he admits were not well-chosen or will they notice actions? That Granville has been out during COVID volunteering his time to families in need, packing meals for underprivileged kids and cleaning trash off the roads while other candidates have been absent as leaders.
    But put all that aside, there’s one more thing the Trump team is smart enough to calculate–now that Biden is the presumptive D nominee for President, with his strong ties to Scranton/Lackawanna County, the only R candidate who can help Trump on the undercard in Lackawanna County is the one guy from Lackawanna County, Earl Granville.

    1. The only flawed candidate here is Granville. He is pictured on homo erotic websites. There are numerous statements of him not supporting the president. He is a puppet being propped up by those for their own self interest. They exploit his service and his leg. Teddy Daniels is a wounded combat veteran. I dot see him running around and making the race about his injuries. Maybe Granville should go back to homo erotic modeling, it seems he was well on his way there.

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