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BREAKING: Beemer Fires Duecker and Reese

reeseThis isn’t exactly surprising.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, Attorney General Bruce Beemer has fired two of Kathleen Kane’s closest confidantes, Jonathan Duecker and Patrick Reese.

“Termination letters were served on Mr. Duecker and Mr. Reese,” AG office spokesman Jeff Johnson confirmed.

Duecker served as Kane’s Chief of Staff. Despite sexual harassment allegations and the fact that he used a car that was seized in a drug bust, Duecker was given authority over personnel matters. A duty that had belonged to then-First Deputy Bruce Beemer.

Kane also fired an aide who recommended against hiring Duecker in the first place and allegedly offered the FOP a more favorable contract if they backed her controversial Chief of Staff.

Reese served as Kane’s driver and searched classified grand jury emails. He was found guilty of criminal contempt and sentenced to three to six months in prison. Nonetheless, Kane kept Reese employed.

Beemer was sworn into office on Tuesday.

56 Responses

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    I remember you telling him exactly where you would be and him not showing up. And he did have the nerve to tell another commenter to be a “real man” and use his “real name” (like we do). He’s as pathetic as he is cowardly.

    Add into all that – he is a total FOXtard too. An alt-right dip-shit.

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  3. Still waiting for the pussy troll to post under his real name. He said that’s what “real men” do. And he challenged people to call them things to their face. I volunteered and said I would call him a pussy right to his face. Now all he has to do is prove he is a real man.

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  5. Brett, What are you talking about? Are you made because I compared you too Diano and outed you as a phony/ fraud. You knew Beemer never worked under Corbett but that didn’t fit the narrative you wanted to push. So you did what Diano does. You just lie about it and when others point that out you start to bully them. You can’t bully me Brett. Remember it wasn’t that long ago you were begging Diano not to post back because you were getting OWNED. You still are.

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  8. Hold on …. You are saying everyone who gets even accused of harassment gets fired???

    So – if someone doesn’t like their boss …. or their co-worker even …. they can get them fired by making an accusation?

    That doesn’t seem to make sense. Are you the RETARD troll?

  9. firing people convicted of crimes and abuse of government property should have happened a long time ago. firing some one who s sexually harassed even 1 coworker would have happened in 1 day in the private sector. what took so long ?

  10. No you didn’t, you got caught in a posting lie like Diano. If he was under Kelly it takes away you from your Corbettporn.

  11. HaHaHa…..Bruce Beemer did NOT work in the Attorney Generals Office under Corbett. Please check your facts before you falsely post.

  12. Beemer must know that the public and the Press are going to demand to see what his Office (he was there under Corbett) was up to while we – the taxpayers – were expecting them to be professionals.

    There are also serious issues about the legitimacy of prosecutions undertaken by prosecutors that were way too chummy with the Judges.

    The attempts to cover-up Hate-hate have been extensive ….. and they continue today.

  13. T says……Brett now you know it was you who misspelled the word since you posted it. Now what other words don’t you know; restitution, tax evasion, parole officer. You made me go down to $5 how are we ever to pay the bills?

  14. Ha – Beemer will hide behind “grand jury secrecy.” He learned how to do it from Frank Fina.

  15. Beemer in a tough spot.

    He can be an errand boy and continue do Fina & The Corbett Perv’s bidding?

    If he’s smart, he keeps Castor on and let’s him go after John Dougherty and the racist perverts who swapped bestiality porn with Judges.

  16. Can someone tell what Happened with Bruce Castor ? Is he still employed at The AG’s office if so in what capacity ? What is Castors Job Title and what is he responsible for in the AG’s office or did he resign when Beemer became AG ?

  17. You guys are hurting my feelings. Anyone want a blow-job? If so – stop by the rest-stop with ten bucks.

  18. Ding, ding, ding, ding !!!

    We have a “Brett” reference! Poor troll-boy. No one will talk to him and he is getting all angry. Awwwwwww.

  19. I’m still a rat but me and my cousin Stevie Zappala had nothing to do with this…almost.

  20. The troll is growing more and more desperate for attention. A whole slew of new screen-names. Keep it up, all !!!

  21. Looks like Diano and his lackey HaHaHa will be eating at the T instead of the Y tonight.
    Am I right?

  22. @d4:

    Never previously did you advocate such firings to encompass these two people #hypocrisy.

  23. rsklaroff-

    Nothing evasive. He fired her loyalists. She should have fired him and other Corbett/Fina loyalists, who where looking to stab her in the back.

    The rapid firing is a warning to any Kane supporters in the office.

  24. @ d4:

    you’re evasive, as usual; thus, it seems the firings were [1]–justified, and [2]–not even opposed by KK’s fiercest [and most deceitful] defender on PoliticsPA.

  25. Robert B Sklaroff MD-

    The house cleaning that was needed was getting rid of the Corbett people.

    How is this a sea-change in my posture? The AG’s office was crap after decades of GOP control. We voted in Kane to clean it up, and she was fought every inch of the way. But, she took down two Supreme court judges and numerous others, and exposed the unprofessional, sexists, racist, and porngraphic culture that permeated the office.

  26. Good! Both men should have been out the door months ago.

    The Kathleen Kane administration gave new meaning to the word, “trash”.

    Perhaps both of these men will write to Ms. Kane regularly when she goes to prison.

    Speaking of which, the October sentencing is getting closer and closer.

    Judgement Day for Ms. Kane is just around the corner.

    Ms. Kane deserves a minimum of 10 years behind bars.

  27. @ d4:

    Your comment [“Beemer did to them what Kane should have done to him on her first day”] suggests you approve of the firings?

    This would represent [1]–a sea-change in your postures, and [2]–recognition that cleaning-house was long-overdue.

    [BTW, this is my first posting on this page.]

  28. not to worry, Reese will file suit and win. Kathy will end up costing the state about 7-10 million in lawsuits in the next year or so.

  29. I hope that hot sexy bald man comes to the rest-stop with $10. He was sooooo brave to take that case for K. Kane. I would love to swallow his load.

  30. We really hope that fat bastard is willing to bring us back!! We didn’t quite cut in Philly with the big boys. We fucked up the Salvation Army case, embarrassed our gift-taking boss on the gift-taking case (AKA – sting case).

    At least one of us was the subject of a complaint by a female employee at the DA’s Office. And then we got reassigned to do BS work after our names became associated with racism and bestiality porn. We attacked Beemer for a while too back in the day (after he called us out in a Memo) – but then we got him back on the Perv Team.

  31. What I can’t ignore is that searing pain in my rectum from my cell mate’s nightly probing. I really shouldn’t have stolen all that money. Ah who am I kidding — I’m a Democrat; I just regret getting caught.

  32. Diano, every lawyer in PA knows that Beemer is 100 times the lawyer that KK could have ever hoped to be. KK needed Beemer around for any semblance of competence in the front office. I don’t expect any of this to mean anything to you, however, because you are (1) utterly clueless about the law and the AG’s Office and (2) a childish Democrat hack. Go find a safe space to heal from this microagression by a real AG who is on the wrong side of history (did I miss any any childish Democrat sayings?).

  33. About damn time. I have a feeling some of those fired by Deucker might be invited back to work too.

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