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BREAKING: Kane Found Guilty

Kane-MugshotAttorney General Kathleen Kane has been declared guilty.

The jury of six men and six women only took a four and a half hours to deliberate before reaching a verdict.

The Attorney General was found guilty on all nine counts, two counts of perjury as well as seven misdemeanors.

Her trial began last week and was highlighted by testimony from ex-First Deputy AG Bruce Beemer, former aide Adrian King and political consultant Josh Morrow.

The prosecution and defense both rested their cases on Friday. Closing arguments were made this morning.

You can read our comprehensive timeline of the Kathleen Kane saga here.

Kane does not have to resign until sentencing, which could be up to 90 days away. The judge also apparently warned her against any retaliatory measures.

The judge is also ordering Kane to surrender her passport, citing her trip to Haiti in 2014.

Kane’s sentencing hearing is set for Monday, October 24th.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

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    I’ll quote from “Kent” above, “The text messages are what sunk her as Occam’s Razor applies.” She needed to rebut them but chose to stay silent instead.

    Her choices after the fact to threaten witnesses/whistleblowers and clear nepotism color even her motives for exposing the inappropriate email use and relationships between judges and prosecutors. Reevaluating the Kane Timeline, one must wonder if there was a shakedown of Justices afoot in the intervening months before 3 of them departed.

  2. Has anyone seen the recent photos of Kane? She seems to be getting hotter as she gets older.

  3. David Diano is in fact a racist and he enables criminals (Democrats). I hope this is the first Google result for people searching for his name. They need to know the truth about David Diano, the racist enabler of Democrat criminals.

  4. David Diano.aka The Racist. Ill repost this again since you ignore posts that don’t agree with you or another felon who posts here.

    Did you forget about the part when Kane conspired with another person to falsely accuse an innocent person with a crime. That innocent person could have been arrested, convicted and imprisoned. Furthermore, she intentionally perjured herself in furtherance of this conspiracy. The Democrats are always crying about innocent people in our jails. Well if she had gotten her way that’s exactly what would have happened.

  5. Hahaha…….COTT like Diano you show your ignorance with each post. There is no selective enforcement appeal as she was indicted by a grand jury. Also the fact that the defense presented no evidence greatly limits appellate issues Kane can raise.

  6. David,
    It’s comical how you resort to stomping your feet like a child and essentially shouting “not fair” yet you fail to see she has admitted by her lack of testimony and resignation, her guilt in the matter. And once again I say you have zero clue what you are talking about related to her defense. You and Brett can say what you want about me but it doesn’t change the fact Kane is guilty as sin and her bullshit tenure is over. How about commenting on the volume of Democrats convicted of felonies this year? Seems an awful lot of corruption in this party your are so loyal to.

  7. Those three morons (Fina, Kane and Williams) ripping each other apart has been quite something to watch.

    Kane and Fina were destined for each other! The one who fancies himself so very smart actually destroyed his own career.

    Kane had him dead to rights and decided to destroy her own career instead.

    Then – like a moron – Seth Williams voluntarily walked into the circular firing squad. His career was going very well. And then he hired Fina & The Corbett Pervs. He has now destroyed his own career too.

  8. DD – Kane will also appeal the Selective Enforcement issue. She has a good argument there.

    Remember when SpongeRetard (under several screen-names) used to threaten you and your business? Let me guess …. None of the things he promised actually happened? LMAO

  9. Hey Brett will you and your fellow Casablanca convicted CRIMINAL PALS go visit fellow convicted criminal HORSE TEETH KANE in PRISON. Now the games really BEGIN.

  10. rsklaroff-

    The judge preventing Kane from entering evidence in her defense. That decision by the judge is part of the trial. “what occurred at the trial” includes what didn’t occur (like what is excluded during the trial).

    Given the corruption of the PA judiciary, I don’t expect her appeal to succeed, because it would require the appeals court to acknowledge the hollowness, hypocrisy and illegitimacy of their profession in this state.

  11. @ d4:

    Your explanation an appeal doesn’t comport with the structures mandated by-law: “Abuse of Discretion and/or Error in Law.”

    You wrote: “It was an abuse of discretion to bring this case, and give immunity to King and Morrow, just to get Kane in a political witch hunt. Their failure to pursue leaks of their own grand jury, and other leaks against Kane, demonstrating their bias and selective prosecution. Also, Kane should have been allowed to present the defense she wanted and let the jury hear the entire story, which would/could have revealed exculpatory evidence of bias in the prosecution or conflicts on interests.”

    The appeal must be based upon what occurred at-trial; extenuating circumstances aren’t legit.

    Therefore, there are no grounds for realistic appeal, as per your writings.

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