10/2 Ups & Downs

Perjury, thievery and a bit of history. See who made this week’s Ups & Downs!

Down ArrowKathleen Kane. The Attorney General was charged yesterday (again) on a count of perjury (again). The signed oath of secrecy that she allegedly violated could prove to be the smoking gun that finally brings her down. Kane even seems to be slowly backing away from her claims that she’ll run for re-election. To top it off, our latest reader poll shows that people support the suspension of her law license. The AG’s tenure is definitely on thin ice.


Up ArrowKatie McGinty. This week McGinty at last received the endorsement of her former boss, Governor Tom Wolf. Just days later, she unveiled a list of several Mayors that are backing her campaign. It’s clear from all these endorsements that McGinty has the most establishment support in the party. John Fetterman admitted as much at an event being filmed by a conservative group. It will be especially intriguing to see the dynamics of the Senate Democratic primary continue to develop.


Down ArrowDaryl Metcalfe. Tone-deafness is peculiar skill of State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe. Even so, his recent comments go above and beyond. While chairing a hearing for an “English Only” bill, Metcalfe got into an argument with Rep. Leslie Acosta over a witness. Acosta noted that the Southern Poverty Law Center identified the witness as a white supremacist. Metcalfe’s counter was that the man was a white nationalist “which is quite a bit different from a white supremacist.” That Metcalfe has no qualms with a white nationalist and does not seem to consider that thinking dangerous is a disturbing revelation.

Up ArrowBrian Sims. The State Representative has made history in Harrisburg and now it is looking like he’ll try to make the jump to D.C. We broke the news that Sims has created an exploratory committee, is starting to fundraise and is even telling allies he intends to run. Of course, if Sims decides to take on Congressman Chaka Fattah it will be quite a difficult undertaking (despite the incumbent’s problems). Nevertheless, with two large personalities clashing and a number of other hopefuls seeking the spotlight, it should make for one entertaining primary.

Up ArrowDown ArrowBob Brady. Well Congressman Brady definitely got noticed, although it’s doubtful that’s what he was hoping for. When Rep. Brady swiped the Pope’s glass, he probably didn’t realize he was going to become international news. Yet that’s what happened, with the Congressman even trying to make amends by gifting the Pontiff a flag that flew over the Capitol. Amidst all this, Brady also made it known that he’s in favor of a Biden presidential candidacy which couldn’t have made the Clinton people very happy. For a man who prefers to work in the background, it was quite a week for Bob Brady.

Our choice for tweet of the week sums up Pope-a-mania pretty nicely. Surely it will be a weekend that’ll never be forgotten.

16 Responses

  1. Seems Kathy Kane has some Judges scrambling. Expose the corruption Kane. DO IT NOW! They are out to shut you down. Don’t tolerate these tactics. Judges are pinheads.

  2. why doesn’t someone tell us whether porn justice Seamus Mccaffery got to resign AND keep his pension?

  3. I second Isaac L.’s idea. The Republicans’ silence regarding their leader’s disgraceful conduct speaks very loudly for their true intentions.

    Personally, though, I wonder if this “English Only” rule will also mean no more PA Dutch street signs or tourism promotion. I mean, those immigrants had over 300 years to assimilate and learn English, yet they still get all gretzy about maintaining their Kanst-du-micka-funga’n heritage. It’s time to outen their identity, am I right? Oh wait – they’re white.

  4. At the very least, Rep. Metcalfe should be censured lest people think the Republican Leadership and the General Assembly condones this kind of outrageous behavior.

  5. Eakin is a politician. How did he become a DA? Supreme Court Justice? He was elected – how do you get elected? By running for office and being the top vote getter.

  6. Eakin is not a politician. Kane is. Why would a political website give an up or down arrow for a judge…

  7. Sadly, the down arrow for Daryl Metcalfe does nor mention Metcalfe was the one who invited the White Supremacist/White Nationalist speaker. (Both terms are significantly overlapping.) Metcalfe also invited at least one other questionable HB 1506 speaker who operates in the same environs as the above. When will Politics PA question Republican leadership and the Republican caucus about awarding Metcalfe the leadership of the House State Government Committee. Metcalfe should be removed from his position. If Republicans refuse to disown Metcalfe then it’s obvious they are more than comfortable with owning him and awarding him high and important responsibilities.

  8. Hey Porn Man EAKIN Resign before what’s left of The State Supreme Court Throws you off the Bench

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