10/10 Ups & Downs

Another gubernatorial debate, more congressional money issues and a fight over those infamous emails. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Tom Wolf. The latest Quinnipiac Poll showed Wolf with a 17-point lead, and while that is less than their previous survey, he is still comfortably over the halfway point at 55%. He also got the opportunity to host Hillary Clinton for her first campaign rally of the midterm season. Finally, Wolf avoided a loss in the third gubernatorial debate and was much improved from his lackluster performance in the first debate.


Down ArrowChaka Fattah. “No one has a crystal ball,” was Rep. Fattah’s response to an investigation by the Philadelphia Inquirer on the federal money his staff, friends and associations have received. The Congressman is right that no one has a crystal ball, but if they did his future would not look bright.



Up Arrow1Ryan Costello and Mike Fitzpatrick. The PA-6 aspirant and PA-8 incumbent learned this week that the DCCC was pulling out of their districts. Without party money it will become especially difficult for Democrats Manan Trivedi and Kevin Strouse to try to pry either seat away from the GOP.



Down ArrowPhiladelphia Teachers. Seemingly without warning (actually very little and inadequate warning) the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers found out Monday morning that their contracts had been by canceled by the School Reform Commission. Under the new model, teachers will have to pay 10% or 13% of their healthcare costs. Tom Wolf denounced the development but it’s unclear if he’d be able or willing to reverse it if he became Governor.



Up Arrow1Ron Castille. Well, he said he was going to get the porngraphic emails that judges sent and he got them. That may be a hollow victory, but it’s a victory nonetheless. From early on, the State’s Chief Justice made clear he was going to get involvement if judges were found to be involved in the email scandal. After a brief fight with Attorney General Kathleen Kane, Chief Justice Ron Castille will received over 4,000 emails. What will happen next is anyone’s guess.


The tweet of the week simply must go to this exchange between State Reps. Frank Farina and Mike Schlossberg. Special thanks to Erik Arneson for the great recommendation.

9 Responses

  1. You know, conservatives, and especially RKBA types, must be the most fearful people in the world. They’re always afraid somebody’s out to get them, somebody’s coming after their guns, etc. Talk about paranoia. Unclench guys, you’ll live longer.

  2. Just imagine Tom Wolf and Kathleen Kane running the show. The first thing they’ll come after will be our 2nd Amendment rights. Pure gun-grabbers without a doubt.

  3. The philly teachers union (their lobbyist is the firm of chester county GOP leader alex rahn – Wanner assocites http://www.wannerassociates.com) pledged negotiations publicly to get funds into clsssrooms. The union then attacked everything trashed district, state, and demanded state money while obfuscation occured in news reports.
    Now district hss brought reasonable reform to get children help. The union calls it surprise and press let that be the article. The true story should be reported by the press.
    The union & its lobbyist want more state money in union hands. The union just uses the children to stash cash in union pockets.

  4. The move by the Philadelphia School Reform Commission—an instrument of state control over the city’s schools, with a majority of board members appointed by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett—to cut health care for teachers and suspend their contract could further hurt the city’s desperately underfunded, suffering schools, Daniel Denvir writes. Philadelphia teachers were paid 19 percent less than teachers in neighboring suburbs even before the Philadelphia teachers were hit with a pay freeze, but at least their health care was paid for. Now it’s not…….dkos

  5. Peggy, she should have police protection. As should the governors. Regardless of party. What a stupid thing to say.

  6. Mike, this happened three years ago. There was an investigation and nothing was found. Why are they bringing it up now? Why not bring up that the Lt. Governor’s wife, up until the end of last year, had State police protection at her job in New York City. I am surprised you didn’t mention that.

  7. Hey Nick Field, care to comment as to why there is a Democratic State Senator in western PA who is caught up in a murder investigation and an affair and you don’t believe it to be newsworthy?

    The implications are clear. Republicans are already going to increase their chamber advantage to 28-22. It’s most likely going to be 29-21. And with this news, it could be 30-20.

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