9/4 Ups & Downs

Drafts, petitions and even more emails. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Joe Biden. Talk about great timing. Just as we learned that our readers believe that the Vice President will run for President, it was announced that Biden is coming to Pittsburgh for Labor Day. We also found out that AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will be joining him on the capstone to what could be a test run for a presidential campaign. Finally, departing PA Democratic Chairman Jim Burn publicly supported the “Draft Biden” movement. Should the VP decide to take the leap, the Keystone State’s third Senator could receive a grand welcome.

Down ArrowChaka Fattah. If you’re not sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails, or Kathleen Kane’s emails, then get ready for Chaka Fattah’s emails! The Congressman, who is currently under indictment on twenty-nine counts, lost a case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd District to protect his emails from investigators. Now the feds are going through all of Rep. Fattah’s communications and you have to imagine there are plenty he doesn’t want them to find.


Up Arrow1Kathleen Kane. After months and months of being pilloried, the release of the graphic pornographic emails has led to a passionate defense of the Attorney General from her remaining fans. Her supporters started a Change.org petition for Kane that has accumulated over 1,400 signatures. Additionally, now her enemies Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo are on the hot seat. The AG may have reached the point where she’s worried less about her own critics than she is taking down Fina & Co.


Down ArrowJames Short Jr. Short served as Director of Marketing and Merchandising for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board from 2002 to 2013. According to the U.S. attorney’s office, it was quite a lucrative gig. This week Short was charged with taking bribes and kickbacks from distillers. Prosecutors are also alleging that he accepted a free Florida vacation from another distilling client. Given the fact that Short was reprimanded by the State Ethics Commission last year, though, we probably shouldn’t be surprised.


Up Arrow1John Dougherty. Dougherty, frequently referred to as “Johnny Doc”, is perhaps the most respected and feared man in Philadelphia politics. The Business Manager of IBEW 98, his support of Jim Kenney was critical to the ex-Councilman’s victory in the Democratic primary for Philly Mayor. Now Dougherty’s influence is growing as he takes over the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council from his mentor Pat Gillespie. At a time when labor’s power is ebbing nationwide, Johnny Doc has become a power broker in the City of Brotherly Love.

The tweet of the week goes to Chaka Fattah Jr. for using Deflategate as inspiration.

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  1. The Name of the Woman who Claims that Lawyer Vincent Cirillo jr Raped her is Ashley Uriatre she has a Norristown address but Lives in West Norriton she has several Convictions Including Theft by deception , Obtaining a Credit Card in someone elses Name without authorization and other Convictions She is a Stripper in a Horshum Bar in Montgomery County . If someone who is charged with Rape has to have their name out there it is onoy Fair that the accuser’s name is out there .

  2. Frank Fina and his pals TOOK THEMSELVES DOWN. They are racist, misogynistic ayy-holes with poor judgment.

    The Courts and Philadelphia bar just lost a lot of respect for Seth Williams.

  3. The congressman has a point, but I’m not sure associating yourself with the Patriots is a good way to enhance your popularity in Philly.

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