Reader Poll: Who Do You Think Will Win the Democratic Primary in PA-2?

Chaka-FattahChaka Fattah is preparing both for his re-election and his trial.

It’s not exactly a shining endorsement of Philadelphia politics but nonetheless, Rep. Fattah is seeking his twelfth term while facing 29 charges.

The Congressman is running against State Rep. Dwight Evans, Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon and Ninth Ward Leader Dan Muroff.

Wolf, Kenney and Rendell are backing Evans while Brady, the Black Ward Leaders and the teachers are for Fattah.

So we ask you, our readers, who do you see winning on April 26th?

Who Do You Think Will Win the PA-2 Democratic Primary?

  • Dwight Evans (70%)
  • Chaka Fattah (20%)
  • Dan Muroff (9%)
  • Brian Gordon (1%)

Total Voters: 784

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11 Responses

  1. reading these comments. hope the stupidity of voters has not increased. and hopefully only a few people will be gullible to follow lies. sorry but I would rather vote republican before I vote for Evans. others have forgotten what he ahs done to our children, with the Parking authority who gives the money we pay from tickets to be shared with the other Pa counties instead of the money staying in Philadelphia thanks to Evans. when I look at my neighborhood and others and hear people complain everyday. I say to myself, they deserve everything they get, because they chose who to vote for, and they listen to demons instead of their mind. They do research by listening to the ones who cares nothing but getting a free ride, when he wins. No matter who and how many gets harmed like our children in the process.

  2. Just seems crazy how Chaka Fattah is in the courts, but Dwight Evans isn’t. That’s like Jay Z going to jail for a $5.00 bag of weed and the cops walk by Suge Knight with an illegal gun in his hand.
    School district was the ATM machine back when Evans was the head of the procreation committee. The attorney general findings when Robert Archie was the head of the SRC. All shredded but still on-line for everyone to read, as if it was the comics in the newspapers.
    Philadelphia has the untouchables, the elite that has the card de blanch of a God. That is what the people in Philadelphia creates false Gods. No one has the back bones to go against, not even the new ones in office. The big city of entire corruption. If you don’t play by the circles rules, you will end up like Chaka Fattah.

  3. Watched Rep Evans over the years He is one of the few elected officials who delivers to his constituents consistently.

  4. I think for Dwight Evans will win the primary easily because he can get things done and he is not in any corruption at all as of right now and I’m hoping forever.

  5. Surprised how the poll is going– Muroff already has so much experience on the Hill I would love to see someone like him actually get things done around here

  6. Hopefully anyone but Fattah. Though people higher up will do everything that is possible to re-elect him.

  7. I am an older adult who has observed Dwight evans through the years setting and accomplishing goals in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. He certainly will win and continue to be an asset to the people of Philadelphia and beyond!

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