8/12 Ups & Downs

Polls, raids and a trial. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowKathleen Kane. The Attorney General’s trial began this week and the damaging revelations haven’t stopped since. On Wednesday, ex-First Deputy Bruce Beemer expressed his concerns about Kane and Adrian King accused the AG of trying to frame him for the grand jury leak. The next day, King’s fears were confirmed when Josh Morrow revealed that he and Kane had planned to blame King for the leak. Morrow went on to provide testimony and text messages that were devastating to Kane’s case. Now more than ever, it appears the Attorney General’s journey will have a tragic ending.

Up ArrowHillary Clinton. The polls really couldn’t have been much better for the Democratic presidential nominee this week. Susquehanna, Quinnipiac and the NBC/WSJ/Marist surveys all had Clinton with a double-digit lead over Trump in the Keystone State. These results led Nate Silver to put PA back into her firewall. Clinton also got some help from Tom Ridge, who was among 50 Republican national security officials to sign a letter denouncing Trump.  


Down ArrowJohn Dougherty. Johnny Doc got a rude awakening, literally, on Friday morning when the FBI and the IRS arrived to search his home. By the time the dust had cleared, the feds had searched Dougherty’s home, his sister’s home, his bar, IBEW 98 headquarters, IBEW President Brian Burrows’s home and Philly Councilman/IBEW employee Bobby Henon’s office. On top of all that, it was also revealed that the investigation into an altercation involving Dougherty had expanded into a larger state inquiry into allegations of intimidation by labor officials. It’s fair to say this is Dougherty’s toughest challenge yet.

Up ArrowKatie McGinty. Right now, good news for Hillary Clinton is good news for Katie McGinty too. The same three polls that showed the former Secretary of State in the lead also had the Democratic Senate nominee ahead by two, four and three points. Meanwhile, her opponent is struggling to deal with the guy at the top of his party’s ticket.



Down ArrowCharles Zogby. The former Budget and Education Secretary was charged with simple assault and harassment after a domestic incident last weekend. Over the past three years, the police have made several different visits to Zogby’s home because of domestic disputes. His preliminary hearing is set for August 29th.



Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. This is now week nine.





The tweet of the week goes to the Daily News’ Will Bunch for capturing our unique times.

31 Responses

  1. Saw Mr. Trump is publicly considering revoking the New York Times’ credentials. Wonder if he got the idea from Mayor Papenfuse or the other way around. Either way, it’s time for our Mayor to declare victory and move on; this is ridiculous and shameful.

  2. RETARD troll coming unglued again.

    He can’t get “Murph” and “IndependenrMurph” straight.

    And now he’s Mork from Ork. Poor thing ….

  3. No. No. No. No. No.

    Hillary is going to the White House. Donald though / he could end up in a loony bin.

  4. Are you dense?

    There is no criminal statute that has ever been used to prosecute a candidate’s wife for Plagiarism.

    Melania Trump will not be locked up!! Isn’t it enough that her fraud of a husband is going to soon be trounced by Hillary Clinton.

  5. Luckily, there is no criminal statute that has ever been used to prosecute a candidate’s wife for Plagiarism. Melania Trump will not be locked up!! Isn’t it enough that he husband is going to soon be trounced by Hillary Clinton.

  6. MMR: There seems to be developing evidence of immigration fraud, possible fraudulent marriage to obtain a green card.

  7. Luckily – there is no criminal statute that has ever been used to prosecute a candidate’s wife for Plagiarism. Melania Trump will not be locked up.

  8. You fantasize about a man blowing you, don’t you bungy. It’s OK. At least it’s not little boys this time. Hey – you could always go to the turnpike rest-stop and pay SpongeBob. He’ll do it. Just bring $10.

  9. Kane will be acquitted. The jury saw that the government witnesses were lying. The whole Courtroom saw it. There is no solid evidence that Kane did anything illegal. D.A. even seemed to know it. Not Guilty verdict on Monday or Tuesday.

    The O knows.

  10. So glad Seth not on here again. I had no job and Seth just hired me off the street to be his 2nd in command. Six-figure salary too!!

    Just ignore that I am totally unqualified. Just ignore that my husband represented Seth when the FBI came knocking … and that my husband represents Seth’s “informant” in the sting case – and that he got to keep the taxpayer money he stole. Just ignore that my husband represents Hategate prosecutors Fina and Costanzo.

    You hear the grumbling D about my husband representing Seth too – in the FBI criminal investigation – well —- just ignore that too !!!!

    Harry Levant. That’s my brother in law. Just pretend you never heard that name.

    OMG – Am I going to jail too?!?

  11. Pat Unger, explain Kane’s text messages. Because she didn’t bother to explain them.

  12. No Dan.

    Nobody cares. Trump is a fraud and a loser. Nobody likes a loser …. except bigots and morons

    Toomey is a do-nothing garden gnome.

    Both will get CRUSHED by women.

  13. Anybody notice that McGinty’s anti Wall Street attack on Toomey seems to fit Hillary as well. So it is ok for Hillary to take Wall Street money for “speeches” and be supported by something like 80% of hedge fund managers but it is not ok to work on Wall Street. I can’t wait for Toomey team to use that!
    By the way has anyone checked Rip Van Casey’s pulse lately?

  14. Ha3 and fake Ha3 — don’t forget the up-arrow for the other Clinton-ite!!!

    Katie McGinty is going to crush Toomey too …. though not as badly as Hillary will crush Trump.

  15. So then the question becomes: will Hillary surpass her protege Kane in terms of damage done as a result of being unprepared for the office and utterly corrupt? Time will tell.

  16. And Hillary will win by an even wider margin than Kane did !!

    And then she will be POTUS for 8 years.

    LOL. The Orange Ape Lord will get embarrassed come November.

  17. Never forget, when Kathleen Kane was not practicing law for seven years before becoming our top lawyer, she worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. And Bill Clinton rewarded her by campaigning for her. So Hillary = Kathleen Kane when it comes to PA.

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