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2/12 Ups & Downs

One survives, one gets castigated and one remains mired in stalemate. Check out this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Kathleen Kane. The Attorney General fended off the first major attempt to throw her out of office on Wednesday. The State Senate sought to formally remove Kane but fell short of the two-thirds threshold when the Democrats rallied around her. The AG was so happy she agreed to her first interview in months and kept the door open to a re-election campaign. Of course, the State House is still moving towards impeachment and her legal problems aren’t going away. Nevertheless, this was a rare good week for Kane.


Down ArrowTom Wolf. This week Governor Wolf gave his second budget address despite the fact that a first budget was never fully completed. As a result, Wolf’s address was accusatory and alarmist with subtitles like “Commonwealth in Crisis” and “We Had a Deal”. We’ve previously discussed the possibility that the notion of annual budgets may be becoming a quaint relic. If the Governor keeps raising the stakes, however, he only stands to lose more when a deal doesn’t get done. It’s difficult to see how Wolf extricates himself from this mess and unclear if he can do in time to save his teetering popularity.

Up Arrow1Pat Toomey. Pennsylvania’s junior Senator continues to benefit from the crowded Democratic primary. He is far and away the biggest fundraiser in the race and holds about $9.58 million in his warchest. As for his potential opponent it seems, given the number of attacks already launched against her, that Toomey and the NRSC fear McGinty the most. Yet while the Governor’s former Chief of Staff has been raking in cash at a good pace, she is also rapidly spending it in order to hold off two viable challengers, Joe Sestak and John Fetterman. So the Democrats remain divided while the GOP is solidly united behind the incumbent.  

Down ArrowLindy Li. The wunderkind candidate started off the week rather terribly thanks to the Rothenberg & Gonzalez Political Report. Gonzalez ripped Li, saying his interview with her left him “speechless and confused”. She recovered somewhat when she secured the endorsement of Congressman Cartwright among others. On Thursday, however, the DCCC revealed their first “Red to Blue” list and for the first time in memory PA-6 was nowhere to be found. Politics is a merciless sport and Li got knocked down this week, now it’s up to her to get back up.

Up Arrow1Down ArrowMary Ellen Balchunis. Mary Ellen Balchunis is one of the more intriguing politicians to pop up on our radar in recent years. The 2014 nominee got crushed by Congressman Meehan but that doesn’t seem to have diminished the fervor of her supporters. She wins local endorsements, and carried our reader poll, despite the opposition of party leaders. Now the DCCC is publicly backing her primary opponent Bill Golderer. In most cases this would earn a down arrow, but since Balchunis doesn’t seem to want their support anyway, a split is the best way to categorize her week.

The tweet of the week goes to the Inquirer’s Jonathan Tamari for pointing out the parallels between Marco Rubio and the Carolina Panthers.

8 Responses

  1. Rumor has it KGK will make the ballet and will send the other 2 leading D candidates ( Josh I never Prosecuted a case before Shapiro and Stephen (I could be Monty Hall) Zappala into a tailspin.

    Rumor has it Tepliltz is visiting the Synagog daily praying no real Democrat files against him on Tuesday. That will ensure the Repervlicans get their gerrymandered seat back. But he will receive another Government Job since that’s all he knows and wouldn’t want to have practice Law in the real world.

  2. Rumor has it that Kathleen Kane will not file a nomination petition to become a candidate for re-election as Attorney General. She will release a statement claiming that she is concentrating on defending herself against false accusations, and wants to protect the reputation of the office. The real truth is she doesn’t have the support to gather and defend the minimum number of signatures she needs to get on the ballot, isn’t and can’t raise $ needed to run a competitive campaign and is using the campaign $ she has to pay her lawyers in the criminal action.

  3. Turns out the Democrats don’e want Kane gone too. Just the Repervlicans (and Teplitz).

    LOL at the Clown Car. Their attempts to avoid a trial = EPIC FAIL

    You want her gone now? OK — give her a trial. No “grand jury secrecy” rules are going to prevent Kane form mounting her defense. And her defense that she was framed by Fina & The Corbett Pervs.

  4. Where is the UP arrow for the Penn State 3? Most of the charges were thrown out. And the Court found that the conduct of the lead prosecutor (Frank Fina) was “highly improper.”

  5. Mary Ellen Balchunis should have two up arrows, since Golderer’s smooch from the DCCC is more like the kiss of death.

  6. Agreed, DD. And a DOUBLE DOWNER for the Clown Car,

    The Clown Car’s driver just got SLAPPED DOWN by the Superior Court, who found that he conduct in the Penn State case was “highly improper.” The Court also threw out most of the charges against the folks Fina tried to rail-road.

    Most importantly, though is the fax that the Clown Car will finally face justice for their roles in Hate-gate. They need to be held accountable. And the end-around on the Constitution the Senate was trying to pull was designed to shut down the investigation.

    Sorry, you corrupt pervert racist creeps. But you need to get fitted for your orange jump-suits!!

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