9/2 Ups & Downs

A new Attorney General, a slew of new polls and an old tire-slashing mystery is finally solved. See who made this week’s list!

Up ArrowBruce Beemer. On Tuesday, Bruce Beemer was unanimously confirmed and sworn in as the next Attorney General of Pennsylvania. He’ll never admit it, but it was likely a sweet victory for a man who suffered so long under Kathleen Kane. Surely his quick dismissal of Jonathan Duecker and Patrick Reese suggests that is the case. Now if you could just release that email report, that would be great.



Down ArrowSeth Williams. It’s never a good week when the world finds out your girlfriend slashed your tires. When you’re the District Attorney of Philadelphia and under fire on multiple fronts already, it’s especially embarrassing. Furthermore, given the amount of time it took for this news to come out, it may not be the last we hear about it. Remember Williams still has his re-election effort next year to worry about, and it seems the campaign has already begun.



Up Arrow1Katie McGinty. While the week began with an Emerson Poll showing Toomey ahead, the lack of cell phone respondents was a major red flag. That caution turned out to be warranted after Monmouth, Franklin & Marshall and Public Policy Polling all found the Democratic candidate holding a lead in the Senate race. She also got perhaps the left’s heaviest-hitters, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, to both endorse and commit to campaign for her. To top it all off, Sabato’s Crystal Ball moved the seat from “Toss-up” to “Leans Democratic”. The only downside for McGinty is that now she will have to deal with the burden of being the front-runner.

Up Arrow1Brian Fitzpatrick. The first-time candidate met his Democratic opponent State Rep. Steve Santarsiero in their initial debate on Tuesday. In contrast to his lackluster primary performance, Fitzpatrick battled his more experienced adversary to a draw. Just a few days later the highest-ranking member of the GOP, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, came to the 8th Congressional District to fundraise for the party’s nominee. It’s still early, though, and this contest should come down to the wire.  


Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. This is week twelve.





The tweet of the week goes to Lancaster Online’s Sam Janesch for this priceless photo of Tim Kaine and Governor Wolf.

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  5. Toomey doesn’t scare me. He just stands there talking. But he doesn’t do anything. He hasn’t done anything (but obstruct) for 5+ years. Plus – he is not speaking out against Trump. That means he puts Politics over Country. Time for a change.

  6. Katie scares me. Pa will be a sanctuary state if she wins. No background checks, free schools and medical care for illegals. Toomey has to make this a campaign issue.

  7. I am Mile

    I am Unsanctioned R(etard)

    I am Jerry M

    I am a stupid idiot who likes to swallow jizz.

  8. Hey HaHaHa, I feel better that Beemer had the good sense to promote two Republicans to run the OAG. I assume that he did so because every Democrat has already been arrested for being corrupt.

  9. What’s the rush, Maureen?

    You affiliated with John Dougherty, by any chance? One of the Porngate racists?

  10. What the h*ll is Castor still doing in the OAG? That stupid MF doesn’t know he’s hated despite articles being written called “Everyone Hates Bruce Castor.” Tom Wolf fired him fair and square, unfortunately Bruce Castor is hanging on like the sleezy power hungry a**hole he has proven himself to be. Get Bruce Castor OUT OF OFFICE NOW!!! Disgusting!!

  11. Agree w Maria.

    The Press is giving Seth a pass on the cover-up thus far. No way it’s a coincidence that Seth Williams forces out the straight-shooting 2nd in command (McCann) just after the tire-slashing and right as the cover-up was in full-swing.

    Seth knew that McCann would never go along with the cover-up. So he ditched him and brought in someone who would – his lawyer’s wife, Kathleen Martin.

    Look at the article. Martin is at the center of the cover-up …. just days after getting hired ….. and weeks before she is in the paper praising her husband’s clients (the racist perverts Serh hired from the AG’s Office).


  12. Congressman Mike Kelly of Butler says he will run for Governor Of PA next election cycle because nothing is getting done in the state according to his wife, heiress of the Phillips petroleum fortune.

  13. You’re right the tire case is a mess. Except she didn’t come forward in April, and the gifts are from years ago. A gift years in advance isn’t exactly quid pro quo. More likely Rufus swept it under the rug free of charge.

    But someone mad enough to slash her ex’s tires isn’t someone I’d expect to “take one for the team.” She has nothing to gain. It doesn’t even look like she plead guilty. It looks more like she was coerced or that she is cooperating.

  14. What does Bruce Castor know about the porn emails and the Second Mile? When he is out of the AGs, someone ought to ask him point blank. Only then will the public know the real whys of how come the Senate moved so fast on Beemer.

  15. The “tire case” is a mess for Seth Williams. Once Chris Brennan wrote the article in April – everyone started talking about the fact that Seth’s g/f did it and he had the taxpayers foot the bill. That meant the pressure got turned on. The other thing that “changed” was the disclosure of the “gifts.” One of the gift-givers was the tire slasher.

    Under pressure, Seth decided the best path would be to let his g/f take the hit for the misdemeanors than him (and mis Staff) take the hit for the cover-up.

    Unfortunately for Seth, the cover-up still happened. And I am sure the Feds are looking at it. After all – the g/f is a gift-giver and protecting her is corrupt and illegal.

  16. If there was a cover-up, and it led to or contributed to McCann’s departure, what changed 9 months later? The tire case was cold and in another year it would be completely dead.

    The only reason for her to confess now is to get a better deal. Seems like it would be kinda hard for Rufus to talk her into confessing unless she had something to gain.

  17. OMG ….. Am I seriously going to jail with Seth?!? This is terrible! I can’t believe I let Bob get me into this mess. Think the FBI would want to talk to me?

  18. Pat – great point. Seth knew McCann (a stand up guy) would never help him protect his girlfriend while taxpayers paid for the damage to the cars. This is a serious scandal.

    Kathleen Martin has ties to Frank Fina. That’s NOT a coincidence.

  19. I have also seen folks questioning the timing of Kathy Martin being brought aboard at the DA’s Office.

    Longtime prosecutor and 1st Assistant Ed McCann was forced out in November, 2015. Though she was given a different title, Kathy Martin was hired by Seth Williams in November, 2015. The tire-slashing occurred earlier that same month – November 2015.

    On 11/23/15, twelve days after Seth’s g/f slashed the tires, one of Seth’s City paid entourage members (“security detail”) finally reported the incident. He doesn’t put who did it in the report even though he (and everyone else) knew who did it.

    Then, almost immediately, Kathy Martin is there!!! The Philadelphia Police should have been investigating. But instead – Seth and Kathy Martin (Seth’s lawyer’s wife) make sure the investigation stays in-house.

    By January, the Office headed up by the criminal’s boyfriend, has conveniently decided that they just cannot arrest Seth’s girlfriend. Just a technicality, they want us to believe. Case got “bungled,” they say in their memos. How incredibly convenient for Seth and his girlfriend – who is also a gift-giver according to Seth’s late reports.

    But now, when it is clear that their cover-up failed … now the case is no longer “bungled” and the criminal -Seth’s girlfriend – can be arrested …. LOL … They must think we are stupid.


  20. Not only Philly, but rampant throughout PA legal system. Let more dots be connected by posting online the Gansler Report and all related emails.

  21. Seth Williams must be sooooo proud of himself!!

    When is someone going to connect the dots between Seth Williams … Kathy Martin …. Fina & Costanzo … Bob Levant …. Tariq El Shabazz … and Harry Levant – the lawyer and thief?!?

    Someone needs to ask Seth Williams how his Chief of Staff’s brother-in-law avoided jail-time.

    The Chief of Staff’s brother-in-law is Harry Levant. Harry is Bob Levant’s brother.

    Bob Levant is Fina’s lawyer … and Marc Costanzo’s lawyer ….. and Tyron Ali’s lawyer … and, rumor has it, Seth Williams’ lawyer too.

    Why didn’t the DA’s Office reveal their clear conflict of interest? Why didn’t they refer the Harry Levant case like they did Johnny Doc and Seth’s criminal girlfriend?

    Why was there no Press Conference or Press Release? Harry Levant is a prominent lawyer who once ran for Judge. He stole almost $2M from his clients and insurance companies. Normally – the DA’s Office would seek headlines for such a prosecution. Why so quiet on Harry Levant?

    And why did The Fina/Costanzo Unit handled the case? Why not the Unit that should have handled it? Isn’t it a little odd that Fina and Costanzo were in charge of the prosecution of their lawyer’s brother???

    COZY, huh? What is the FBI waiting for?!?

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